How to claim your missing super funds


What can I do to prevent my lost super from being rolled over to the Australian Tax Office (ATO)?

This is a very simple question but one that can sometimes have a pretty complex answer.

First, have you logged on to your super account recently? If not, now is the time to register for online access to your primary account.

lost super

While you are at it, why not visit the tax office's SuperSeeker website.

Here you can search for your lost super in less than a minute but you need to make sure you have your tax file number handy. It will let you see any lost super accounts you have.

Some super fund websites offer a search facility and the myGov website can also be used for searching for your lost super funds.

Once you have found all your super accounts, it pays to do some research to figure out which one you want to use in future.

There are many sites that can help you research super funds, such as

You may also wish to seek some financial advice in order to understand which fund may best meet your needs.

Once you have made a decision, you will need to organise the transfer of other accounts into this one fund.

If this all feels like hard work, never fear!

It is now far easier to consolidate all your lost super into one fund and, in most instances, it can all be done online through your fund's website.

Once you have consolidated all your super accounts into one, you will not be paying multiple sets of account fees and you won't have any lost super to be rolled over to the tax office.

From here, keeping control of your super will be as easy as checking your bank account.


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