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With 110,000 businesses signing up to the $130 billion wage subsidy lifeline within 16 hours of it being released, what does it mean for employees?

Even if you have been stood down or retrenched since March 1, you are eligible for $1500 a fortnight JobKeeper payment. If your employer has been shut down under government orders, they can receive money to pay their employees.

It covers full-time, part-time workers, sole traders and not-for-profits but casuals who haven't worked for the same boss for the last 12 months aren't eligible.

coronavirus jobkeeper payments

The $1500 payment is for employers whose turnover has fallen by 30%. They need to show the Australian Tax Office they have suffered a downturn. Companies with $1 billion turnover qualify for subsidy if turnover falls 50%.

The $1500 payment, before tax, is around 70% of the median wage but a full replacement wage for workers in hospitality, tourism and retail sectors. Employers have to pass on the full amount of the subsidy, $1500 a fortnight, to their employees.

If employees are paid less than $1500, they will get a pay rise. If they are paid more, then the employer could top up their wage. For example if you earn $2000 a fortnight, your employer will receive $1500 and it can add a further $500 to reach your usual salary.

The JobKeeper subsidy is expected to save six million jobs. Eligible employees include Australian residents, New Zealand citizens in Australia who hold a subclass 444 special category visa, and migrants who are eligible for JobSeeker payment or Youth Allowance.

Anyone laid off since March 1 is eligible for the subsidy. This means if you have been retrenched, your employer can put you back on the books so you can be eligible for the payment. But you won't be eligible for the JobSeeker welfare payment which pays up to a maximum of $1100 a fortnight, administered through Centrelink.

Eligible businesses can apply for the payment online, registering via ato.gov.au

Even if the employer goes into hibernation mode over the next six months, they can pay their employees the JobKeeper payment.

"This is about keeping the connection between the employer and the employee and keeping people in their jobs even though the business they work for may go into hibernation and close down for six months," says prime minister Scott Morrison.

"When the economy comes back, these businesses will be able to start again, and their workforce will be ready to go because they will remain attached to the business through our JobKeeper payment."

One of the catches for employers is that the payment isn't available until May 1. One possible strategy is for employers to access a $100,000 cash flow grant to pay their employees in the meantime.

Also the ACTU says that the payment is insufficient and needs to be closer to the median wage of $1375 per week. "The delay to May 1 will pose cash flow issues for many workers who have already been laid off or who's employer may not survive another six weeks without immediate support," says ACTU secretary Sally McManus.

If you have been laid off and your employer does not rehire you, then there is a separate payment for individuals called the JobSeeker payment. It is the former Newstart payment which has been boosted over the next six months with a coronavirus supplement of $550 per fortnight.

Also the government has lifted the amount an unemployed person's partner can earn to qualify for the payment from $48,000 to $79,762.

Rent relief that includes details of a freeze on tenant evictions and assistance for landlords is expected to be announced by the government in coming days.

How JobKeeper works

Phoebe works in administration services of a large retail company as a permanent full-time employee, but she has been stood down under the Fair Work Act without pay.

Phoebe had registered an intent to claim with Services Australia for access to the JobSeeker Payment and the Coronavirus Supplement.

Phoebe is single, with no children and in total she would be eligible to receive $1124.50 before tax per fortnight from Services Australia.

Phoebe's employer has decided to apply for the JobKeeper Payment for all its eligible employees for up to six months. This would entitle Phoebe to $1500 per fortnight before tax. Phoebe's employer is required to advise her that she has been nominated as an eligible employee to receive the payment. If Phoebe elects to receive income support though Services Australia, she will need to report her income from the JobKeeper Payment to Services Australia. Phoebe may no longer be eligible for income support from Services Australia as a result of receiving the JobKeeper Payment.

Source: Treasury Factsheets

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Susan has been a finance journalist for more than 30 years, beginning at the Australian Financial Review before moving to the Sydney Morning Herald. She edited a superannuation magazine, Superfunds, for the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia, and writes regularly on superannuation and managed funds. She's also author of the best-selling book Women and Money.
Rosemary Grundy
March 31, 2020 9.55pm

Is it true that only businesses registered on the ATO's Single Touch Payroll Quarterly Reporting will be able to access the Job Keeper subsidy? I am a sole trader and don't use that because I simply invoice my customers and submit my BAS reports.

Susan Hely, Money magazine
April 2, 2020 11.18am

Good question. There is more information coming out with further details. The ATO says there is no need to phone them but I think only it can clarify this.

Here are some links that may help:



Jacquie William
April 16, 2020 8.46pm

Just want to know rules if you accumilated leave and was asked to take some, even though efee to take it later, and the they want to sign to claim jobkeeper allowance should they reimburse the annual leave.As mentioned that when it was requested to use leave. what are the rules. Und..westand that have accumilated it but was not abn issue now and how do these rules apply if they are requesting i sign job keeper too

Sharrn Nish
April 14, 2020 3.29pm

As a sole trader without employees (and therefore not having to use Single Touch Payroll Reporting) you may still be eligible for the JobKeeper payment if your business has experienced a downturn due to the virus. Register your interest at: https://www.ato.gov.au/Job-kee... and you will be kept up-to-date by the ATO. Applications for the JobKeeper payment start on Monday 20.04.20.

Rosemary Grundy
April 15, 2020 8.31am

Thanks Sharrn,

Yes I have registered my interest but the problem I face is that having paid tax in this country for 39 years, I still probably won't qualify because I was silly enough to change from being an employee to a contractor last November. The arbitrary rule about you situation having to have existed for 12months regardless of your work history in this country and regardless of whether or not you are impacted by the Pandemic and need the help, is unfair to us 'quiet Australians' the PM so loves.

Sharrn Nish
April 15, 2020 9.36pm

The 12 months rule only applies to casual employees, so would not be relevant in your case. As long as you have experienced a 30% reduction in income due to the virus restrictions, you should be eligible for JobKeeper. Because you started your business in November 2019, you will fall under the ATO's discretionary rules, that is, you will not automatically be eligible because you do not have previous comparative reporting to rely on, but you will be asked to provide evidence to the Commissioner to show a reduction in turnover, which would qualify you for the payment. Look out for the application process from Monday 20.04.20 as you will need to provide more information than others, but, providing you've had a minimum 30% downturn, you will be eligible.

Rosemary Grundy
April 17, 2020 10.33am

Hey Sharrn,

That is very re-assuring. I hope you're right.


Sharrn Nish
April 20, 2020 7.06pm

Hopefully you were able to enrol for the JobKeeper payment online today?

Rosemary Grundy
April 21, 2020 8.09am

Hi Sharn thanks for asking. No I won't get it because the 12 month rule applies to me too. At least that's what our accountant says. But my husband has been advised he will get it. We have to put $300 of it aside for tax and we're giving our son $500 a fn for his rent because he too is an invisible casual under the 12mnth rule. So that leaves $800 a fn for me, my husband and daughter. Hopefully work will start again soon. I will never understand why anyone outside the top 10% of wealth ever votes liberal! All the best to you and yours. R

Rosemary Grundy
April 21, 2020 1.03pm

Hello Sharn, I have an UPDATE! I wrote to Anthony Albanese's office about all this a week or so ago. I recieved a reply just now advising that in fact while I don't meet the precise letter of the law, they have modified the rules to allow the tax office to be a bit more flexible on a 'case by case' basis. The email said that people like me in borderline situations should definitely apply for JobKeeper. I thought I should share this in case others on this discussion might benefit from this information. I think since it has come from Anthony Albanese's office it is more than just hear-say.

Sharrn Nish
April 30, 2020 2.46pm

Hi Rosemary,

sorry I did not get an email about your reply here, but pot luck just saw it.

Yes as a sole trader, the 12 month rule does not apply to you - that is definitely only in relation to casuals.

I have an update for you (and anyone else watching this space): the ATO is currently moving 100 of its internal staff into the department that will look after JobKeeper applications for businesses like yours - the ones 'falling through the cracks' because they don't quite fit the criteria, eg. newer businesses. In the next few days an automatic application process will be opening on the ATO's website which will show a form that business owners need to complete to commence their enquiry as to whether their business can qualify to receive JobKeeper.

I will come back to your message thread here to update as soon as I am told when that application form is live, and where to find it.

(I will post more information for others in another comment on this thread, as it is saying that what I have written is too big to post it all.)

Sharrn Nish
April 30, 2020 2.46pm

For anyone else not sure if they are eligible to receive the Cash Flow Boost or JobKeeper payments, please don't give up, and please don't just rely on what your accountant last said - information is changing daily, and even accountants aren't unfortunately able to be completely up-to-date in their advice. 'Phone the ATO's enquiry number: 1800 806 218, option 7 for JobKeeper, option 5 for Cash Flow Boost and ask questions. They answer pretty quickly, and the staff are very helpful. And if they don't know yet, just ring back another day - it may be the difference between you receiving a minimum of $20,000 in total for the Cash Flow Boost payments, or $19,500 in total for the JobKeeper payments.

Also, for those businesses that employ at least one employee and therefore may be eligible for Cash Flow Boost, you can send the items listed on this link:


(scroll down to the bottom of the page at: Additional supporting documents)


[email protected]...

for the ATO to see if your business fits the criteria, if you didn't automatically receive a Cash Flow Boost credit to your BAS account by 28.04.20. The maximum turn around time for a determination on your situation is 20 business days, but they are working fairly fast to get businesses supported.

heather gower
April 16, 2020 8.38pm

Work parttime in the esstential services for a big organisation and on maternity leave ,since nov 19. My parental leave payments have ended but i requested for a year off which my employer at the when i put in for maternity leave and was accepted. Since parental leave payments finished read that can be eligible for jobkeeper allowance. as got a link but can not upload it. Company sent me form to fill in to request jobkeeper allowance ATO, so does it mean, will be entitled to it . Thanks

Terry Burns
April 17, 2020 4.56pm

Hi Susan

I am a sole trader who has.just had first job seeker payment in lieu of downturn due.to coronavirus.

l also am of pension age as at end of May this year.

I should qualify for the job keeper payment. Can l get the payment in lieu of the Age Pension?

Sharon Reeve
April 23, 2020 8.01pm

Hi just noticed a comment that is a bit like mine.

I'm pension age and run a busy bnbs business.

Have lost most of my business.

Don't have an ABN.

Not sure what to do.

Sharon Reeve
April 23, 2020 8.06pm

Hi Susan

Just wondered if you've had any clarity on you question yet.

I'm at pension age run a business no ABN.

Was hoping for jobkeep!!

max pitt
April 28, 2020 5.47pm

I have a similar question to the first one. I have an ABN but will move to a personal ABN at the end of the financial year and close the business. Working part time, but currently not eligible for a pension and health card but should be next year. My accountant suggests I am eligible for jobkeeper since my gst income is less. I have reservations because my situations doesn't seem to the aim of job keeper, however my income is less. Can I claim partial amount as a part time worker,

Pravakar Shrestha
April 17, 2020 10.58pm

Hi i was working full time in resturant and restaurant is closed at the moment but i am working at aged care too where i work around 15 hrs. I am really confuses that do i get job keeping pay?

mark corcoran
April 1, 2020 2.09am

Hi. Finding info a bit confusing!

I understand that the eligibility amount for jobseeker was $48,000 - and now $79,762- for partners wage. What is the eligibility amount for jobkeeper payment. Is it the same?

Thanks. Mark

Susan Hely, Money magazine
April 2, 2020 11.21am

Good question. I couldn't find this out from the Treasurer's statement or government websites. There is more information coming out with further details.

Here are some links that may help:



Sharrn Nish
April 14, 2020 3.31pm

There isn't an eligibility amount relevant to partner income for the JobKeeper payment. The JobKeeper payment is designed to keep people employed, so a partner's income has no bearing on your income.

Demi McCarthy
April 1, 2020 6.56am

I am still a bit confused over the "12 month" period for employees. Does this period of time apply only to casual workers?

If I am a full-time employee, but I have been with my company for 6 months, do I still qualify? Or would I only qualify if I was a full-time employee who had been with my company for 12 months prior to March 1 2020?

Thank you

Susan Hely, Money magazine
April 2, 2020 11.28am

Good question but unfortunately not one I can answer.

Here are some links that may help:



Eva Johansson
April 2, 2020 12.51pm

If you are employed as a permanent employee, and was employed prior to 1 March 2020, you are eligible for the Job Keeper payment. If you were employed after 1 March 2020 and are a permanent employee, you are not eligible.

If you are employed on casual basis, you will only be eligible for Job Keeper if you have been employed with the same employer for 12+ months


Sherry Chung
April 2, 2020 1.48pm

So just to clarify it is only the casual employers where the 12+ mth rule applies to.??

If you are a full time or part-time employee that has been stood down but has worked less than 12mths with the same company you will be eligible for this Keeper payment?

Jody Milburn
April 5, 2020 7.00am

Yes. The 12 month restriction only applies to casuals

Jody Milburn
April 5, 2020 7.17am

Sorry March 1 is the cut off

Jody Milburn
April 5, 2020 7.15am

Sorry by 1 March

Stuart Bourdon
April 6, 2020 10.17am

Because I have send my worker home untill this all blows over and they are not working untill i get the 1500 do i have to pay back pay my workers.

For each week they haven't worked

Effie Wright
April 10, 2020 11.53am

Did you get a response for this Stuart. I'm in the same boat as you and am wondering the same question.

Jaideep Manchandia
April 9, 2020 9.59am

I've got a related question as, how does this apply to casual workers employed with business that have been operation for less than 12 months. The business meets the employer criteria of the payments but the casual staff employed will not meet the 12 month criteria, any thoughts?

Sharrn Nish
April 14, 2020 3.32pm

The '12 months' period only applies to casuals. There is no qualification period for full-time and part-time employees.

Geoff Wheel
April 1, 2020 8.35am

I work for a local council in the childcare sector(Government funded of course). Does the JobKeeper payment apply to council workers who are laid off too?



Glenn Wroughton
April 1, 2020 10.29pm


I work in local council too in the tourism sector (casual over 12 months service) and wondering if I am eligible for the JobKeeper payment. Thanks


Susan Hely, Money magazine
April 2, 2020 11.29am

Good question. It sounds like you are.

Here are the most up to date links that may help:



Dale Stanbrough
April 3, 2020 9.09am

Nothing in either of those links mentioned anything about council workers.

Employees have to be employed by an "eligible employer", the definition of which is...

Employers will be eligible for the subsidy if:

their business has a turnover of less than $1 billion and their turnover has fallen by more than 30 per cent (of at least a month); or

their business has a turnover of $1 billion or more and their turnover has fallen by more than 50 per cent (of at least a month); and

the business is not subject to the Major Bank Levy.

I can't see how this language relates to councils in any way.

SARAH Patten
April 3, 2020 8.06pm

Q: Are local councils entitled to JobKeeper Payment?

A: Based on information to date, local government employers are not eligible for the payment, however eligibility may be extended to cover such employers/employees and we will monitor any developments

John S
April 5, 2020 8.56pm

I'm a local council casual employee > 12 months & just found out councils may not be eligible under the PMs plan as they are not a small business with >30% loss. Not happy! I work in child care and have been told to not turn up to work. How am I in a different position to the next person employed in child care?

Please keep me posted if the rules change.

Hannah G
April 6, 2020 2.18pm

I am in the same boat, tourism with local government and am expecting to be stood down soon. I understand that the council may have not had a loss of 30% but that doesn't help us keep our jobs not put food on the table when we have no income. It seems as if we are being punished for working for local government.

Sharrn Nish
April 20, 2020 1.52pm

You could lobby your local council to answer why they didn't find alternative employment for staff within other council workforce areas, considering councils will now have surplus monies in budgets that had been allocated to services now shut down due to restrictions.

Sharrn Nish
April 20, 2020 1.52pm

No, local council staff are not eligible for the JobKeeper payment as their employer (the council) will not have suffered a 30% decline in turnover.

You could lobby your local council to answer why they didn't find alternative employment for staff within other council workforce areas, considering councils will now have surplus monies in budgets that had been allocated to services now shut down due to restrictions.

Sharrn Nish
April 20, 2020 1.51pm

No, local council staff are not eligible for the JobKeeper payment as their employer (the council) will not have suffered a 30% decline in turnover.

You could lobby your local council to answer why they didn't find alternative employment for staff within other council workforce areas, considering councils will now have surplus monies in budgets that had been allocated to services now shut down due to restrictions.

Sunny Metcalf
April 2, 2020 8.18pm

I work for a council library as a casual 12 months plus. Libraries were ordered to close and casuals have been let go. We have been told that we don't qualify. I don't understand why not?

Joe C
April 3, 2020 6.30pm

I work as a part-time staff member of a council library in Victoria. Our CEO has told us that 'it seems' we are not covered, but that local council is currently lobbying federal govt. about this.

Sharrn Nish
April 17, 2020 7.43pm

No, a council library staff member will not be eligible for the JobKeeper payment as their employer (the council) will not have suffered a 30% decline in turnover.

You could lobby your local council to answer why they didn't find alternative employment for library staff within other council workforce areas, considering councils will now have surplus monies in budgets that had been allocated to services such as libraries.

April 3, 2020 6.45pm

From the PM announcements Government jobs such as councils DO NOT Qualify. Don't quote me but he said that today

Sharrn Nish
April 17, 2020 7.44pm

Correct, government employees are not eligible.

SARAH Patten
April 3, 2020 7.01pm

Sunny your employer has to have a lost more than 30 per cent of their turnover so till your council losses that then you won't qualify. But don't loss hope as they said the package was put together quickly and there will be holes which they will try and fix good luck, I'm in the same boat.

Sharrn Nish
April 17, 2020 7.42pm

No, local council staff are not eligible for the JobKeeper payment as their employer (the council) will not have suffered a 30% decline in turnover.

You could lobby your local council to answer why they didn't find alternative employment for library staff within other council workforce areas, considering councils will now have surplus monies in budgets that had been allocated to services such as libraries.

Amy Tyers
April 3, 2020 5.44pm


I have the same situation, having worked for local government in the Leisurecentre for over 15 years. Have been terminated and told to reapply for a new job position when this is all over (although will probably have to go back to new staff pay rate rather than my 15-year increased pay rate...). Have been told they are not eligable so the termination stands. No other info suggests anything different. Surely local government should be tasked with keeping jobs if federal is pushing every other business to keep people!

Sharrn Nish
April 17, 2020 7.47pm

You could lobby your employer or MP to answer why they didn't find alternative employment for leisure centre staff within other local government workforce areas, considering these departments will now have surplus monies in budgets that had been allocated to services such as leisure centres; and yes - local governments should be keeping people employed considering they had already budgeted those employment costs from their annual allocations.

Sharrn Nish
April 20, 2020 1.51pm

No, local council staff are not eligible for the JobKeeper payment as their employer (the council) will not have suffered a 30% decline in turnover.

You could lobby your local council to answer why they didn't find alternative employment for staff within other council workforce areas, considering councils will now have surplus monies in budgets that had been allocated to services now shut down due to restrictions.

Marion Cole
April 1, 2020 8.39am

If a person is on a disability pension and has worked casually for over 12 months but has lost their job due to coronavirus are they entitled to both job keeper payment and part disability pension?

Alan Smith
April 2, 2020 3.33am

As an employer i have the same situation with one of my casual staff who I will retain. They only work 1 day per week. Will the job seeker payment cause them to lose their disability support pension?

Susan Hely
April 2, 2020 11.34am

Just like you I can't find this out easily. Once you do find out, please let us know. Bill Shorten was interviewed by Fran Kelly on RN Breakfast this week about this - you may be able to find more information from that interview.

Or try these thinks:



Emily Van Werkhoven
April 19, 2020 9.52am

Has there been any update on this?? The lack of any discussion of durability pensioners is driving me nuts. We now get significantly less than unemployed and stood down workers (around $900 for singles) and many of us were supplementing that with part time work within our capacity. We can't switch to jobseeker, don't get the corona supplement, and now still have no answers about job keeper the day before applications open!

Amy Tyers
April 3, 2020 5.46pm


Please keep me updated on this question as it also applies to me having been terminated from my 15 year job with no eligibility for Job Keeper (due to being a local council job)


Kristine Considine
April 13, 2020 3.31pm

I also am paid 48 hours per fortnight and am supplemented a few hundred dollars from my disability pension. My work has been notified they are eligible for the jobs keeper payment, am I entitled to this in stead of my work pay?

Nicole Hall
April 14, 2020 10.53am

Did you find the answer? I have been looking everywhere and cannot find the correct information.

April 15, 2020 1.54pm

Great question. I think so.

Bob Mitchell
April 15, 2020 3.24pm

Yes I would like answer to this, too. I am in similar position

Sharrn Nish
April 20, 2020 2.00pm

Yes they are. Keep in mind that JobKeeper is classed as income by Services Australia in assessing your fortnightly rate and cut off point for a Disability Pension:


Cameron Rainsbury
April 1, 2020 12.03pm

My friend works for a pub owned by ALH and they were advised that because ALH is owned by Woolworths that they would not be applying for Jobkeeper for their employees. My friend currently has no employment available so is her only option the Jobseeker payment??

Jose Saavedra
April 2, 2020 2.33am

I work for ALH aswell and wouldnt mind knowing if I will receive the payment aswell

David Holland
April 2, 2020 6.28am

I would like to know the fate of all ALH workers

Susan Hely, Money magazine
April 2, 2020 11.36am

Just like you I can't find this out easily.

All I can offer you is these links:



Crystal Nilsson
April 6, 2020 11.17am

Any update for ALH workers? Please keep us update as it's hard to find any info from our bosses.

Skinnie O
May 8, 2020 1.15pm

Any updates ????

Fiona Reid
April 1, 2020 12.15pm

Is there any way I can receive job keeper , I have worked with my employer for 10 months and 2 weeks ?

Leia Carlton
April 1, 2020 2.06pm

I am In the same position have worked for my company for five months and I am causal and lost my job cause of convid . What do we do

Susan Hely, Money magazine
April 2, 2020 11.38am

I am hearing about a lot of people who are just missing out because they don't have the full 12 months. Here are the most up to date links that may help:



Sharrn Nish
April 15, 2020 9.40pm

Fiona, not if you were a casual, but yes if you were part-time or full-time - if your employer has experienced a downturn due to the virus and applies for the JobKeeper payment for you.

Ari Wimalasuriya
April 1, 2020 12.35pm

I am a owner operated self employed Conveyancer. Due to the downturn of property sales , it has impacted the income as a conveyancer. Am I eligible for the job keeper allowance? business

Bryce Martyn
April 2, 2020 11.14am

I would like the answer to this question.

Susan Hely, Money magazine
April 2, 2020 11.39am

Good question. There is more information coming out with further details. The ATO says there is no need to phone them but I think only it can clarify this.

Here are some links that may help:



Jody Milburn
April 5, 2020 7.05am

I believe it's: If your annual turnover submitted to the ATO 12 months ago (as at March 30 end quarter) shows a decline of 30% and you have been operating for more than 12 months and paid yourself wages you are eligible to get the job keeper allowance

Sharrn Nish
April 15, 2020 9.50pm

There is no requirement to have been operating for 12 months - this would adversely affect startups that are also impacted by the forced restrictions. Businesses that do not have comparative financial reporting to rely on as they weren't trading in the 2019fy, or, due to their commencement date, had not reported income in any BAS period before the restrictions were put in place in March 2020, should qualify (eligibility criteria in relation to reduced turnover percentage, etc. still apply of course). They will fall under the Commissioner's discretionary powers and will be asked to provide information to prove their loss of income to be eligible. Sole traders do not pay themselves wages, but will still be eligible to receive the JobKeeper payment (providing they have a downturn as per the eligibility criteria).

Jody Milburn
April 5, 2020 7.18am

Sorry cap is 1 March

Sharrn Nish
April 15, 2020 9.44pm

Yes sole traders are generally eligible for the JobKeeper payment - there is criteria that you must meet to qualify, including a downturn of 30% due to the virus. Make sure that you register your interest: https://www.ato.gov.au/Job-kee... . The application process starts on Monday 20th April 2020 and you will receive more information about that once you have registered your interest in applying via the link I just provided.

Andrew Harders
April 1, 2020 3.39pm

If you have been stood down with a medical certificate is this legal? Does the job keeper subsidy require the employee physically go back to work if the business is still operating? Are the payments backdated to when the employee was stood down or does the employee have to wait till the 1 st of May to receive the Job seeker payment.

What are the extra payments you can receive if you are on the Job seeker payment.

Susan Hely, Money magazine
April 2, 2020 11.40am

Good questions. Yes, May 1 is the date it starts and it is backdated.

Here are some up to date links that may help clarify:



Theresa Drinnan
April 21, 2020 7.52am

I have employees who don't want to come into work out of fear. We are open for business and I have hours for them to work, but they don't want to come in. Are they eligible for Job Keeper

Manny Apap
April 1, 2020 5.21pm

My wife and I have a partnership and have abn and pay GST. We have no employees.

Our business has been forced to stop trading, so ending any cash flow and we have 30% plus downturn for this March compared to 2019. Should we apply for Job seekers payment now because the job keeper will be paid May? Can apply for both in the hope it will work it way out?

Lynndylou G
April 2, 2020 5.07am

I would like to know the answer to this too. My husband and I have a partnership, an ABN and are registered for GST. I'm wondering if we are each eligible for a separate Jobkeeper payment of $1500 per fortnight, or is it just the one payment to cover both of us.

Susan Hely, Money magazine
April 2, 2020 11.42am

Good question. We're expecting more information out soon. The ATO says there is no need to phone them but I think only it can clarify this.

Here are some links that may help:



Manny Apap
April 2, 2020 6.00pm

Read these links before posting. Both links are clear as mud on my simple question. My accountant is not 100% sure either. WTF I say.

Sharon Zeb
April 6, 2020 11.15am

Hi when its a partnership you have to elect which one of you will receive the 1500 you dont get it for each person.

Lynnda Gallant
April 11, 2020 6.14pm

That seems very odd to me compared with the generosity of this payment to many casual workers, who might not usually work many hours and yet still get the full $1500 each. Our business has ground down to a complete halt and isn't generating any income at all, and yet we still have to share the payment. Also who is taxed on the payment at the end of the financial year, the person who receives it, or is it shared as income to the partnership. I don't think this has been well thought through at all for our circumstance and I would say there are many others in the same boat as we are.

Max Barallon
April 9, 2020 1.21pm

Would also like an answer to this question as we are in the same boat.

Lykiew Ngoy
April 4, 2020 7.55am

I worked for a company for 2 months as a casual,after an offer to work full time I signed my contract on March16 .So technically I was employed by this company on March 1 and I am a full time employee?? Yet both job seeker and job keeper applications were refused.....is this fair?

Jody Milburn
April 5, 2020 7.20am

Sorry Cap is March 1.

& Yes if you both earned a wage

Sami Aryal
April 1, 2020 5.22pm

I have been living in Australia for more than 10 years and since then i've paying tax but in bridging visa waiting for PR.Are we not eligible to get any help from the goverment??

Susan Hely, Money magazine
April 2, 2020 12.31pm

Good question.

Here are some links that may help:



Lyn Moran
April 22, 2020 9.00am

Hello! I would love to know if you have found any more information about this? My partner was on a bridging visa for PR as well, and it has since come through, so wondering what the best way is to find out more information and who to contact about these special circumstances. Thanks!

Samantha Loy
April 1, 2020 6.07pm

Hi I work for a local council providing home care services as part of the CHSP. Will I be entitled to the jobkeeper payment as I have lost quite a few hours each week as a result of clients cancelling their services due to the risks?

Susan Hely, Money magazine
April 2, 2020 12.32pm

Good question. You do sound eligible.

Others have asked this too. There is more information coming out with further details, so keep looking - particularly at the examples.

Here are some links that may help:



Nick Ross
April 1, 2020 6.54pm


What if the sole trader works for themselves with no employees, are they eligible for the jobkeeper payment if they meet the criteria?

Thanks Nick

Susan Hely, Money magazine
April 2, 2020 11.44am

Good question. Sole traders are included in the jobkeeper but I'm not too sure on the full extent of the eligibility. There is more information coming out with further details.

Here are some links that may help:



Sharrn Nish
April 15, 2020 9.54pm

Yes they are, providing they meet the criteria. Make sure that you have registered your interest in applying for the JobKeeper payment: https://www.ato.gov.au/Job-kee... . Applications commence Monday 20.04.20.

Monique ZARUBA
April 1, 2020 7.37pm

Can you receive jobkeeper of $1500 from one employer who has stood you down, as well as earning normal money for standard hours worked part-time in a new role found since you were stood down?

Jose Saavedra
April 2, 2020 2.35am

I would like to know how this will apply also

Susan Hely, Money magazine
April 2, 2020 12.14pm

Good question. I haven't found any information that clarifies this. Maybe you need to brave the ATO to find out. Can you let me know when you do?

There is more information coming out with further details.

Here are some links that may help:



Lucy King
April 4, 2020 10.10am

Also trying to work this one out! Am job hunting whilst being stood down, i know i will be receiving JobKeeper, but if i find a casual job (10 hours a week) can i keep jobkeeper and the new salary? If not, theres no point in getting a new job, right?

April 9, 2020 12.58pm

Lucy I read in one of the ato examples that you will get jobkeeper even you get another job. It just means your taxable income will be higher at the end of the year.

Kristy Thomas
April 19, 2020 8.35am

Susan where did you find this??

Clare Bairstow
April 1, 2020 8.14pm

I have been employed for over 2 years full time. 5 days prior to jobkeeper was announced, I was given notice my hours were being reduced from 40-20 p/week with 2 days notice, not 2 weeks notice .. With the finer details to follow from the financial adviser of the business that afternoon. Which I did not receive and requested several times. I continued to work my reduced shifts, my last pay did not consist of any redundancy pay and when I questioned this I was told that they might be able to reverse their decision now that job keeper may be an option. Where do I stand ? I feel like I've been left in limbo and they have behaved in an incorrect manner.

Susan Hely, Money magazine
April 2, 2020 12.17pm

Good question. There are some examples that may clarify this. Your employer has to apply for the jobkeeper allowance but it is all to go to you. So if those days you lost equate to $1500 per fortnight, I understand that you get that and the other pay for reduced hours is on top of that.There is more information coming out with further details.

Here are some links that may help:



Amanda Sande
April 1, 2020 9.12pm

I have been stood down, but my employer is going to give us the job keeper payment, how ever in the meantime can I work casually while I'm off work and if I do will this effect any job keeper payment that is going to come through as I was a permanent full time employee?

Susan Hely, Money magazine
April 2, 2020 12.19pm

Good question. I'm not sure from the information that the government has put out. Definitely ask the ATO.

Others have asked this too. There is more information coming out with further details, so keep looking - particularly at the examples.

Here are some links that may help:



Stuart England
April 1, 2020 9.53pm

I am a permanent part time employee and recently started a new job, I signed the contract on 21/02/20 but didn't start working until 16/03 am I eligible for the job keeper payment?

Susan Hely, Money magazine
April 2, 2020 12.20pm

Good question.

Here are some links that may help:



Jody Milburn
April 5, 2020 7.11am

I believe it is applicable to any Permanent employee employed prior to 30 March.

The 12 month cap is only for casual employees.

Sharrn Nish
April 15, 2020 10.00pm

It depends what date your Employment Contract said your start date was, ie. you may have signed it on 21.02.20, but that is not your start date. If your Contract says that your start date was 16.03.20 (which it sounds like it did as that was the date you started working), you would not be eligible for the JobKeeper payment.

Leo Cain
April 1, 2020 10.23pm

I have the same question

Pooja Sharma
April 3, 2020 8.02pm

Pls share if someone finds answer of this question.

Linda Ly
April 1, 2020 11.02pm

We closed our business and stood down 2 of our employees due to reduced business activity and health risk from Covid-19. I mentioned to them that we may re-open in a months time depending how the situation improves. After the announcement of this jobkeeper payment, my employees said they will not be coming back to work but i will have to pay them the jobkeeper payment regardless. What happens if i open again and business picks up in 3 months time and i need the employees to come back and they decline? What happens if this continues for 6 months, makes me question whether i want to re-employ them back again. This jobkeeper subsidy actually keeps people at home instead of stimulating more work in the workforce. The scheme contradicts its purpose in a way.

John Crookwell
April 2, 2020 10.19am

My understanding of this package is that employees must continue their usual work, otherwise its an abandonment of employment from a FairWork point of view.

Susan Hely, Money magazine
April 2, 2020 12.23pm

Good question. I haven't seen anything from the government that answers this. I'm with you, the whole scheme is based on you hibernating your business so that your employees stay connected and you can start up again on the other side. Please let me know what happens about this.

There is more information coming out with further details, so keep looking - particularly at the examples.

Here are some links that may help:



Alison Gears
April 2, 2020 10.25am

My 20 year old daughter works full-time for a legal firm who stood down their employees effective March 23, 2020. Although she is eligible for the JobKeeper payment, her employer refuses to participate advising that she will need to seek financial assistance through Centrelink. As my daughter is 20, she is only eligible for the Youth Allowance of just over $300 per fortnight. Is there any way around this?

Susan Hely, Money magazine
April 2, 2020 12.30pm

Sorry to hear this. Your daughter is missing out on $1200 per fortnight. Perhaps the law firm's revenue isn't down the required 30% to qualify? I hear that law firms' work is largely drying up (depending on their speciality). The JobKeeper scheme relies on helpful employers but not all are. Definitely ask the ATO.

There is more information coming out with further details, so keep looking - particularly at the examples.

Here are some links that may help:



Sharrn Nish
April 15, 2020 10.45pm

If your daughter was 'stood down', as opposed to her employment being terminated, she will still accrue leave entitlements during the stand down period, and must be paid for public holidays (eg. Easter).

Krissy Scherlies
April 2, 2020 11.33am

Hi I am a casual employee with a Council/Shire, the Shire customer service centres are closed, do I qualify for JobKeeper allowance?

Jenelle Cole
April 2, 2020 11.59am

Im due to have a baby in June my boss is goung to apply for the jobkeeper payment to keep ky on until maternity leave. Can I take unpaid maternity leave and continue getting the job keeper payment and then apply for my paid paternity leave (can apply up to 36 weeks after baby is born)

Eva Johansson
April 2, 2020 1.03pm

I was employed on permanent basis with a new employer from 17 March 2020. In details of eligibility for Job Keeper payment, it states:

Were employed by the employer at 1 March 2020

Does this mean, that even if I would normally have worked eg 30 hours per week, because I was employed on permanently basis, due to COVID-19, I am NOT eligible, as I was employed from 17 March 2020 (not 1 March 2020).

In comparison: This would mean, that a person who commenced 20 days earlier than me, permanently employed, but still on probation (as myself), would be eligible for the Job Keeper payment. This really seems to be unfair.

Judy Hau
April 3, 2020 3.08pm

I'm in the same boat as you :(

Loretta Pillot
April 6, 2020 11.57pm

I'm in the same situation started 9/3/20 but did a trial that I was paid for prior to 1/3 does that qualify me.

Sharrn Nish
April 15, 2020 10.47pm

Yes you would qualify (if your employer does, eg. has a reduced turnover as per the eligibility criteria) as you were employed on 01.03.20.

Sharrn Nish
April 15, 2020 10.50pm

It does not matter if you were employed on a 'permanent' basis or for a trial period. If, as at 01.03.20, you were either full-time or part-time, or had been casual for more than 12 months, and as long as your employer was eligible (ie. had a downturn because of the imposed restrictions) your employer would be able to apply to have the JobKeeper payment made for you.

Loretta Pillot
April 17, 2020 10.30am

I have spoken to my employer and they didn't pay me for the trial until my first pay which was for the week ending 16/3 as they said I hadn't put my paperwork in so even though I did the trial in February I still don't qualify.

Sharrn Nish
April 20, 2020 1.44pm

You will still qualify as you were employed at 01.03.20 - you worked a shift before that date, even though you didn't get paid for it until after 01.03.20. Your employer would presumably have evidence such as a roster and possibly electronic/text (therefore the date can be proven)

communication to you as to when you were to have your first shift, you would have been entered in their payroll system as being employed from the date you first worked (ie. pre 01.03.20), and your payslip issued when you were paid would record what pay period you were paid for as per FairWork requirements

When you say that you hadn't put your paperwork in, if you mean your Tax file number declaration, that needs to be returned within 28 of commencement of employment, so a trial shift in February still meant that you had until a date in March to hand that form in (and if you didn't hand it in within 28 days, it just meant that you would be taxed at a higher rate until you did hand it in). If you meant your time sheet to allow your pay to be processed, that is still irrelevant. If your employer has other means of proving (if requested in the JobKeeper diligence process by the ATO) that you did undertake paid work before 01.03.20, (and your employer qualifies) then you are eligible for the JobKeeper payment.

Nb. There will be a lot of employers trying to do dodgy enrolments and claim the JobKeeper payment for staff who were not employed/did not work before 01.03.20, so your employer does need to make sure that they have that proof of your trial shift in February, as Single Touch Payroll reporting to the ATO that they undertake each pay run will not have shown you as receiving a wage prior to 01.03.20.

Loughlin O'Kane
April 2, 2020 1.37pm

Hi Susan,

I'm a casual employee who has been employed by a business for the last two and a half years. However I recently took a seven month leave of absence but still remained on the books. Am I eligible for the job keeper allowance?



Lisa Middleton
April 8, 2020 9.58am

I have a friend in this situation, been with the company over 8 years but took 6 months leave Dec 2018-May 2019. is she covered? Can anyone clarify?

Sharrn Nish
April 15, 2020 10.57pm

The legislation states:

'Meaning of long term casual employee

(5) An individual is a long term casual employee of an entity at a time if:

(a) at that time, the individual was a casual employee of the entity; and

(b) the individual had been employed by the entity on a regular and systematic basis during the period of 12 months that ended at that time.'

Your employer and your friend will be able to determine if your employment fits under this definition.

Rangi Skipwith
April 17, 2020 2.44am

I also would like to know this.

Sharrn Nish
April 15, 2020 10.56pm

The legislation states:

'Meaning of long term casual employee

(5) An individual is a long term casual employee of an entity at a time if:

(a) at that time, the individual was a casual employee of the entity; and

(b) the individual had been employed by the entity on a regular and systematic basis during the period of 12 months that ended at that time.'

Your employer and you will be able to determine if your employment fits under this definition.

Grace Smith
April 2, 2020 4.10pm

I've been working with the same employer for 5 years, but get paid in cash till last August. Now my employer told me not eligible for the Jobkeeper allowance because my service time is less than 12 months due to cash payment. Am I eligible for the allowance?

Sharrn Nish
April 15, 2020 11.01pm

(Presuming you are a casual employee) if your wages payment method has been 'cash', as opposed to getting your wages paid directly into your bank account, but you are actually a legal employee, you may be eligible for the JobKeeper payment if your employer qualifies under the eligibility criteria, eg. has experienced a downturn due to the imposed restrictions, as you have been a casual for more than 12 months. However, if you have been getting paid 'cash in hand', eg. you are not a legal employee and have not been legally declaring your income, or paying tax as required, then you will definitely not qualify for the JobKeeper payment.

Lisa Ellis
April 2, 2020 4.50pm

I run an accounting firm and have clients who operate through a Family Trust and are not paying any wages to themselves. Do they qualify for the Job keeper payment? There is information in relation to Sole Traders etc but no mention in relation to trusts.

Sandra McGaw
April 3, 2020 1.34pm

Also interested in a response to this question.

Janina H
April 4, 2020 6.51am

I would like to make this too. I am a business owner and didn't pay wages to myself only director drawings but also income tax on that obviously

Adam Deane
April 4, 2020 5.22pm

I am in this situation also and found a business.gov.au article which explains that your trust clients will be able to select a single beneficiary to receive the JobKeeper payment.

"The intent of the JobKeeper Payment is to enable any eligible self-employed person get a wage subsidy regardless of what business structure they use, where:

- the partners in a partnership only receive a share of profits - one partner can be nominated to receive it

- directors of a company only receive dividends - one direct can be nominated to receive it

- beneficiaries of a trust only receive distributions - one individual beneficiary (i.e. not a corporate beneficiary) can be nominated to receive it"


Mary Ronald Raj
April 2, 2020 5.46pm

I am a Casual employee work as a Aviation Screening Officer at Canberra Airport (SNP Security) for around 2years. I received at letter to Stand down for 8weeks until further notice. Past two weeks iam sitting at home. My question is if i try for another job say for example if i start working at another place from next week will iam still eligible for this job keeper payment from SNP Security Employer if they are eligible ?????

C H Wan
April 2, 2020 5.46pm

Can the employer use this job keeper payment to pay their staff who were asked to clear their annual leaves?

Or do the staff need to cancel their leave and get back to work to entitle this payment?

Mary Ronald Raj
April 2, 2020 6.12pm

I work as Aviation Screening Officer as casual employee for around 2yrs. Now iam sitting at home received stand down from employment for 8weeks until further notice. If i find any job and start working say for example if i start working from next week 9th of April. My question is will i still eligible for Job keeper payment from my Aviation employer if eligible for Jobkeeper payment??? If any body could answer for this question as soon as possible so i can make decision whether to go for new job or to sit at home an wait for JK payment.

Warren Cox
April 2, 2020 6.54pm

If my hours have been cut from minimum of 24 per week to 16 (casual) am I eligible for the job keeper payment. Been with employer for over 10 years.

Sharrn Nish
April 15, 2020 11.03pm

Yes, providing that your employer qualifies under the eligibility criteria, eg. has had a downturn due to the imposed restrictions. Make sure your employer has registered their interest in applying for the JobKeeper payment for you.

Su Mun
April 2, 2020 7.01pm

If I am on unpaid leave am I eligible

geoff scupham
April 2, 2020 7.24pm

my wife works 4 day per week permanent part time in a food factory. her hours have halved as the company has lost business well over the 30% loss. now she works only 2 days so a big drop in her income. what can she do if the company does not apply for the job keeper allowance for her. is it compulsory for companies to apply for it in this type of situation. can she force them to apply for it.

T Gaylor
April 19, 2020 10.43am

I'm in same boat. Permanent part time and was told on Friday that my hours would be reduced by 40%, effective as of the following Monday. I asked about jobseeker and how that would apply to me but got a very vague answer and was told that this would be used to pay people who were working full time but would have to have their pay reduced.

It is late morning on Sunday and I still haven't received anything g in writing.

From what I can gather, I am expecting a new contract with same rate of pay but reduced hours. I have been told it's temporary it that they can't give an end date.

Any advice/insight would be greatly appreciated.

Bev Gobby
April 2, 2020 9.13pm

I am casual who has been working for the same company for 3 years. Does my employer have to pay me super with the job keeper payment? As my wage changes each week and the company says they can't afford to pay super so we won't be getting job keeper. Any help would be appreciated. I am happy for my employee not to pay me super during this period

Sam Crow
April 2, 2020 9.30pm

My Employer reduced our salaries by 20% prior to the job keepers announcement. They are claiming jobkeepers support but are not going to increase our salaries and leave them at the reduced 20%. We earn more the the $1,500 per fortnight, are they allow to do this given the payment is required to be passed onto the employee?

Rosemary Elgani
April 2, 2020 9.49pm

My husband and I are a partnership. We employ staff in our business but have had to close due to covid19. We plan to get the Jobkeeper for our eligible staff. But do we as individuals (both or just one of us) qualify for the Jobkeeper ? As Kiwis we dont qualify for Jobseeker, but I see that Kiwis can get Jobkeeper. But can we employers as individuals get it?

Sharrn Nish
April 16, 2020 2.13am

One partner only can be nominated to receive the JobKeeper payment. Make sure you register your interest in applying: https://www.ato.gov.au/Job-kee... so that you receive updated information. Applications start on Monday 20.04.20. Some New Zealanders can get Centrelink support: https://www.servicesaustralia.... .

Jody Crossley
April 2, 2020 9.52pm

I have a full time job and a part time job two seperate employers. I'm still employed by my full time job but my part time job is working on a sat night in a bar within the hospitality industry I have been there 14.5 minutes mths. My hospitality job has said I'm not entitled to job keeper even though I'm still on their books and not stood down. They have said I'm not entitled to the $1500 a fortnight job keeper payment as I am currently receiving my full time job. Does someone have information about this

Bill watson
April 9, 2020 12.50pm

I am in the same position and would like clarity on this too please.

H Westley
April 13, 2020 2.01pm

Has there been a response been given to this at all?

Sharrn Nish
April 16, 2020 2.23am

You will only be eligible for the JobKeeper payment through your 'primary employer', which is generally where you have claimed the Tax free threshold on your Tax file number declaration that you were required to complete when you commenced your employment; for the majority of people, that is with your full-time role:


see the last page, 'Worker with multiple jobs'.

Melanie White
April 2, 2020 10.23pm

I have a 10 hour week part time job ( still working) and a casual job, that has closed ( temporarily) due to the virus, am I entitled to the job keeper money?

Jacinta Butler
April 5, 2020 2.49pm

From what i have researched, you are eligible from your primary employer which is the one you get the tax free threshold from but there is still alot of mixed information about that as i'm eligible from one job but not the other as its a Billion dollar company(McDonalds)

Sharrn Nish
April 16, 2020 2.33am

'Billion dollar' company employees are also eligible - if the turnover of the business has reduced by 50%. Keep in mind that most McDonald's stores are owned by franchisee companies, not McDonald's itself, so your employer may be eligible to apply for the JobKeeper payment for its employees if it has annual turnover less than $1 billion (likely for franchisee stores) and has experienced a downturn of 30% due to the virus restrictions.

Some employees claim the Tax free threshold from more than one employer (permitted if your gross taxable income is expected to be less than $18,200 for the year from those combined employers), so the choice relating to which employer is the primary one may be difficult for casual employees. You need to discuss with your employers which one will be claiming the JobKeeper payment for you, to ensure that you get it from someone.

Employers are required to get you to complete a Nomination notice after 20.04.20 for the payment: https://www.ato.gov.au/assets/... .

Sharrn Nish
April 16, 2020 2.36am

If the employer at your part-time job has turnover under $1 billion and has experienced a 30% downturn due to the virus restrictions (over $1 billion, 50% downturn), they will be eligible to apply for the JobKeeper payment for you. This eligibility criteria also applies to your casual position - if you have been a casual for more than 12 months on 01.03.20. You can only receive the JobKeeper payment from one employer.

Salome De Kock
April 2, 2020 11.07pm

I have lost shifts at University, I contacted them and they said they can't apply for employee job seeker payment.Do you have any information if that is accurate?

Bill Hartland
April 3, 2020 12.23am

My daughter has been laid off from her work as a part time library assistant. Is she eligible?

Jo Barton
April 3, 2020 9.28am

I had been working casually for a business for 2+ years up until February 2020 when I left to take up a full time role with another business on a 4.5 months contract commencing from 2 March 2020. I was given notice in late March due to the Covid19 situation - am I entitled to Jobsaver if my employer decides to now retain me?

Stuart Macmeikan
April 3, 2020 11.13am

My employer has indicated that they want me to continue to come in and work 4 days a week and they will pay me for these 4 days using the job keeper payment. The 5th day of the week I either elect to not get paid or have to use my personal leave. I'm confused... if I'm expected to work why is my employer not paying me as per usual... I thought the job keeper payment was if you were stood down and asked not to come into work? Thank you

Lisa Shepherd
April 3, 2020 12.41pm

How does Job Keeper affect employees on maternity leave?

Nicholas Collins
April 3, 2020 3.14pm

I was a casual employed in hospitality and also study full time at University . I received a letter of termination today from my employer. When I asked if I would have been eligible for job keeper they said I didn't qualify as I was 1 week short of the 12 months .... is this so???

Jillian Watkins
April 3, 2020 4.34pm

If you were employed as a casual on 1st March for less than 12 months, but change to part time on 30th March, will you be eligible?

Sharrn Nish
April 16, 2020 2.37am

No, you have to have been a casual for more than 12 months on 01.03.20.

Amy Tyers
April 3, 2020 5.59pm

I'm 4.5 months pregnant and have had my 15 year casual employment at the local council Leisurecentre terminated due to COVID-19. I am currently on a Disability Pension, so not eligable for Job Seeker payment, and the council has informed me they are not eligable for Job Keeper payment. I am worried that (aside from having to figure out how to live on just my pension which doesn't quite cover my mortgage payments), when this baby is due at the end of August, I will not be eligable for paid parental leave either as it is only currently applicable based on your work wage for the 6 months prior to baby being born... since I am now officially unemployed, I will have had no work income for those 6 months... please let me know if any of the PPL sceme is going to be amended to include those not eligable for Job Keeper but who have lost income due to COVID-19. So stressed out!! Thanks for any assistance.

Maria Smith
April 3, 2020 6.47pm

What if your employer refuses to nominate you even though your an eligible employee - she feels as I'm casual it's not fair I should receive the same amount as a full time employee

Anonymous Person
April 6, 2020 3.11pm

You are not the only one. Contact your local member of parliament ASAP (Like right now). It is being debated in parliament on Wednesday. Nominating eligible employees must be made compulsory.

Grace Heft
April 3, 2020 7.18pm

I have a question and it may sound stupid but I am in shock! I am only 18 years of age and teach part time at my dance studio (and have so for 4 years now) who are eligible and have applied to receive the job keeper payments. But I only earn $20 a week with the two 30min classes I teach because I only teach solos and not many slots have been filled yet, but do I still get $750 a week compared to the $20 I used to get?!

Sharrn Nish
April 16, 2020 2.38am

Yes you do. This money is part of a 'stimulus package' so it is hoped that you will spend it, and 'stimulate' the economy.

Bailey Olsen
April 3, 2020 7.32pm

I'm full time haven't been stood down but now have reduced hours starting next week as my employer is putting us on job keeper. I work full time 5 days a week. Have now been told I'm to be doing 3 days a week with one day to be taken as annual leave and one as unpaid leave. As my wage will be $750 (I'd usually be earling less then this on 3 days + one day annual) no matter what my employer is essentially using this to use the government payment to chew threw any holidays I have acquired. Is this ok?

Brett Wood
April 6, 2020 1.38pm

Hi iam in the same boat with Bailey.

I'm the store manager and can be stood down on the job keeper so would receive the $1500 P/fn pre tax payment.

Or the option given to me is work at reduced hours equivalent to the job seeker subsidy. The owner will top up 4hours and use my annual leave to cover the shortfall.

My question is that the business is profiteering from using the wages subsidy for full timers and making them work for less in my example I will effectively be working 24hours for an extra $200 P/f/n.

I will ask to be stood down.

I thought that the job keeper is used to subsidize the gap then the employer and employee can discuss reduced hours etc..but the job keeper subsidy is not wages to be used only..

Example I can then negotiate to reduced hours to 4days instead of 5 and work only the gap hours covered from the job keeper payment? To help keep the buisness so both the employee and employer are been looked after not just the employer basically getting free wages effectively then employee is 100% profit making to the buisness as no loss having to pay wages..

Very very confused.

Also part time employees then make same as the managers or full time workers without normal penalties..

Ali Hanlon
April 3, 2020 9.32pm

Hi, my husband is a sole trader. I can't seem to find anything that explains how we prove downturn of business. Do you just need to show that this March has been 30%+ lower than March last year and then it's ongoing, or do you need to update monthly, or does it go on the 3 monthly bas, Jan, Feb, March and then Apr, May, June? Thanks

Christine Swire
April 3, 2020 10.22pm

What happens when you receive age pension and have a part time job of 13 contracted hours per fortnight.

Marion Andrews
April 9, 2020 1.44pm

Thats the question i need answered as well.im a nurse but had to stay away from working at the hospital. I live with my son aho is having cancer treatment and i was advised to stay home so as not comprise my son.

Judy Pengelly
April 18, 2020 9.12am

I am in the same boat...... working as en employee part time and receiving Aged Pension....as the JobKeeper is much more than my usual wages will I still be eligible to receive both .....

Janina H
April 4, 2020 6.55am

I have a company that employs casual staff and my partner and I have been running the business but never paid wages via payroll, only owner drawings. Does the job keeper still apply to each or at least one of us? I cannot find any information about this.

David Power
April 4, 2020 8.04am

I am a casual bus driver but have been employed for less than 12 months. I intend to do this work until retirement. Where is the fairness that I am not eligible for the job keeper payment even though I do the same work as my colleagues. Because of this ruling I no longer get to keep the job that I really enjoy. Why???

darryl King
April 4, 2020 8.23am

do subsidiary companies qualify for the jobkeeker payment if the parent company does not qualify

Julie Purdon
April 4, 2020 9.03am

Does the job keeper apply if you only reduce hours of employee's? Or does 'stand down' mean you need to put a worker completely off to be eligible for job keeper?

Emma Clare
April 4, 2020 10.18am

Hi, thank you for writing this comprehensive article. I just had some questions that appears have not yet been addressed.

? What if my company only register on the 1st of October 2019 and have not got any comparable period from last year. Can a small business still apply for the jobseeker payment?

? The criteria includes 30% decrease of revenue from last year. Although my revenue has increased, so has my expenses, particularly due to hiring a staff. However, the total profit has dropped with 30% from March last year. Can I still apply for the jobseeker payments?

Thank you

Peter Gray
April 4, 2020 12.00pm

In 2017 I reverted from a full time employee to a casual, at the same time I was granted the age pension, and each fortnight I report my hours and earnings and my pension amount is paid according to those earnings, will I be entitled to the $1500 and in what way will it affect my pension.

Isaac Ahmed
April 4, 2020 4.40pm

I'm a taxi driver and as you know there is no flight and pubs and restaurants closed and we cant make our living on it so am i eligible for job keeper....

Julie Barratt
April 5, 2020 7.42am

My workplace has temporarily closed. I was employed full-time there for the last 13 years. I need to register a claim with Centrelink. Do I proceed with a jobseeker claim, then can I change it to jobkeeper once my employer has applied?

Michael Rooney
April 6, 2020 5.46pm

Hi Julie i can answee your question and which yes you will need to cancel Job seeker payment, as Centrelink will notice if you dont change, then once your employer applies for job keeper payment.

Anton Jonson
April 5, 2020 8.22am

Hi, I'm a salary earner, I was wondering does our employer have to top up our salary to match what we were getting prior or is this optional? He has told us that we will be paid for a 4 day week rather than a 5 as he has closed the doors for one day a week.

Michael Gardner
April 5, 2020 8.44am


I have a friend in the beauty industry that was forced to close and they were stood down. Now with the jobseeker program they have been instructed to come to work three days a week to reply to emails and any admin requirements. Is the employer legally allowed to do this?

Graeme Kerr
April 10, 2020 2.59pm

Would like the same question answered also as I am a part-time bus driver

Ron Henderson
April 5, 2020 8.44am

My wife was stood down recently by her employer in the hospitality industry, she was a casual worker & was averaging 10-12 hours on a weekly basis. I earn above the $78,000 + threshold. Does my wife qualify for any financial relief from the Government?

Michael Hadcroft
April 5, 2020 10.06am


I am a full time employee from ALH Group (Woolworths owned) and have been told we are not eligible for job keeper, but with no reason as to why... Can you please shed any light?

Najib Amiri
April 5, 2020 5.57pm

I work nearly 3 years in two place-

One place only casual over 3 years for a restaurant only weekends-

They shut now-

Second- i still work at my construction and i make over $1600 a week-

My question is here am I still eligible to get paid from my restaurant???


Rose Devine
April 7, 2020 3.27pm

Same here -

I work casually (and have for 2 years) at a tennis centre eligible for jobkeepers and have been out of shifts as a result of corona,

I have a second job casually working at local government and I am still working there,

Would I be eligible ??

Sharrn Nish
April 17, 2020 7.38pm

You need to work out which employer is your 'primary employer', which is generally which employer you chose the Tax free threshold with when you completed your Tax file number declaration at commencement of employment. If it is the local government role, that employer will not be eligible to apply for the JobKeeper payment for you. If it is the tennis centre, you will need to make sure that they apply for the JobKeeper payment for you.

See page 4 of this fact sheet in relation to multiple employers:


Sharrn Nish
April 17, 2020 7.15pm

You presumably have claimed the Tax free threshold on the Tax file number declaration you completed when you commenced your construction job, therefore that role (and the fact that you also presumably make more money in your construction job than in your casual job) would mean that the construction business is your 'primary employer', and you can only claim the JobKeeper payment through your primary employer; you would only be eligible to get the JobKeeper payment if that business has experienced a downturn of 30% (if its turnover is under $1 billion) due to the current restrictions in place, fits the other eligibility criteria, and makes an application to receive the JobKeeper payment for you.

Rick Voa
April 6, 2020 9.24am

Hi, I complete 1 year with my employer as a casual worker as on 8/03/2020. The scheme was announced at end of March however considers 12 month eligibility period for casual worker as of start of March. Will I be considered eligible for the payment?

Janak Tracey
April 14, 2020 3.11pm

In the same boat, started mid March last year and still work there. Over a year of continues casual employment with same employer, I don't understand why we wouldn't be eligible :/

Terry Inglis
April 6, 2020 9.34am

My daughter, who is 15, has worked with me in a restaurant for 14 months and worked casually max 15 hours a fortnight earning maybe 200 a fortnight. I cant find any information regarding her eligibility.

Kristi Larkin
April 9, 2020 10.34pm

I'm pretty sure only 16 year old are eligible.

My daughter is in the same position.

Raj Polis
April 11, 2020 5.54am

My son is also sailing in the same boat. He is 15 years and 10 months. Employer said under 16 are not eligible but will be eligible in two months. So could be paid after two months once he turns 16. Is this true??

David Weiner
April 6, 2020 12.11pm

what if the employer has stood down employees and doesn't want to register for jobkeeper as the future seems quite uncertain.

Linda Casey
April 6, 2020 5.05pm

I work for a company that says it doesn't qualify for jobkeeper but we have been stood down I also don't qualify for JobStart as my partner is still working. Should my company be paying

Katherine Sanders
April 6, 2020 5.06pm

I am a long term casual employed in a three year old kindy. I have worked for the same employer for four years. I was employed for the last 6 months as a casual but not whole of previous 12 months with same employer. Can my employer count me as eligible?

Sarah Holdich
April 6, 2020 5.21pm

I am a relief teacher in the public and private sectors. In both Primary and High School. Why is the public sector not included in this payment?

Michael Rooney
April 6, 2020 5.38pm

I'm a casual driver with 5 others within same emoyer, can our boss make us work hours while we receive the job keeper payments? Cheers

Graeme Kerr
April 10, 2020 3.02pm

Same answer + are you taxed on the $1500 a fortnight

Gina Herman
April 21, 2020 2.22pm

Yes, the $1500 is taxable income. Not certain about whether the employer can make you work extra hours, but I don't think so. My employer isn't going to do that.

Cate Fletcher
April 6, 2020 6.41pm

I was employed on 2nd March and I am permanent part time, will I be eligible for the job keeper?

Ann-Marie Brassington
April 7, 2020 5.28pm

Same boat as me unfortunately. Even though my contracts etc were enacted before the 1st, and I was employed by them, I didn't officially start til the 3nd.... so not eligible.

Andrew Waterss
April 7, 2020 12.53pm

Hey All,

My employer is going to implement the Job Keeper payment of the $1500 as such. My position I held has been full time for almost 5 years and I know the companies loss has been huge so they are eligble for it.

My question goes to, my hours will be dropped down to suffice the $1500 p/fortnight which is essentially 3 days per week.

I was looking at supplementing this with a part time job for the time being to keep myself and family financially stable.

Any ideas on this one?

Rosemary Elgani
April 17, 2020 10.49am

Yes you can look for extra work while you getting Jobkeeper. As an employer one of my staff asked me same question. I read that info on ATO or Treasury website.

Peter James
April 24, 2020 11.20pm

Andrew, I have a question, your essentially working 3 days for nothing. You'd get the 1500 a fortnight if you were sitting on the lounge getting told off by the missus.

I reckon you should get payed Your, Say

$1350 gross a week, (Gov $750 + $600 Employer For 3 Days). Clear $1000.


Janine Meyer
April 7, 2020 1.20pm

As a Sole Trader Contractor being stood down as I am over the pension age of 67, I am not entitled to any of these financial packages Centrlink tells me.

What options do I have and all the others that are in the same boat !!!!!!

Sharrn Nish
April 14, 2020 3.25pm

The legislation does not mention anything about a maximum age, only that you have to be over 16, so your age of 67 does not exclude you from the package/s. If you've had a 30% fall in turnover due to the virus you may be eligible for the JobKeeper payment, which is $1,500 per fortnight from 20.03.20 - 27.09.20, monthly in arrears, with the first payment being made in early May for the 2 (if eligible) fortnights that are in March. Register your interest and more details will be sent to you by the ATO: https://www.ato.gov.au/Job-kee... Applications for the JobKeeper payment start on Monday 20.04.20.

Greg Herd
April 7, 2020 2.55pm

I receive an aged pension ( most often a part pension)and have topped up the pension from my employer for over 12 months.Do I qualify to receive The Job Keeper allowance whilst receiving an aged pension?

Suzann Pendergast
April 16, 2020 7.32am

Hi Greg,

I have a similar question but from the employer point of view! So confusing for everyone! What I do know is this...

Yes you are eligible, but

You will have to declare this as income which will effect your Aged Pension payments :/

As you will then be receiving a fortnightly income of $1,500 this may cause you to lose you're entire Pension, along with any Concession Card etc. I'm not 100% certain on the limit the Pension cuts out entireley.

Ongoing concern - What happens when the Jobkeeper payment ends? Do you have to reapply for the Aged Pension? How long will you be without it?

It seems that you do NOT have to accept the Jobkeeper payment from your employer. You can opt not to receive it. In this case I'm pretty sure the employer just doesn't receive it on your behalf.

If you are already receiving additional "Corona" payments on top of the Pension, I'd be sticking with that and will be advising my mother-in-law to do the same.

Good Luck! Suzie

Helen Shaw
April 30, 2020 6.21pm

Receiving the $1500 a fortnight shouldn't cut out the age pension completely. You should still get a part pension. Going by what I earn which is $1456 fortnight, I still get $441 fortnight from Centrelink.

Spencer Hodges
April 7, 2020 10.49pm

What if the business starts to make money again and increases their revenue to above the 30% threshold?

Will payments stop?

How often will they have to report their revenue?

Peter Galettis
April 7, 2020 11.38pm

I have 2 employees. One working and earning $1000 per fortnight and the other stood down.

Does that mean I have to pay each employee $1500 per fortnight where one is working and the other at home not working. Doesn't make sense. The staff may as well stay home and not work and get paid $1500 per fortnight.

Trevor Bayliss
April 11, 2020 9.56am

Provided they both meet the criteria for payment, reduce the hours of the one earning $1,000 and offer the stood down employee half the hours of the one working. Take note in your little black book in your head to determine if both or especially the one stood down are loyal and agree to the offer or not and pass on that information to prospective employers if you're used as a referee in their future employment.

Damian Whyet
April 8, 2020 10.44am

Do you get jobkeeper if you have been employed longer than a year and are still employed with no reduction in salary? Doesn't show restrictions on employees who situations haven't changed yet, but the company has lost 30% YOY. Surely not....

Sharrn Nish
April 14, 2020 4.23pm

Yes (the business is eligible to receive the JobKeeper payment for your wage) if the business has suffered a downturn (30% if turnover under $1 billion). As long as your employer maintains paying you at least $1,500 per fortnight, your employer will be paid the JobKeeper payment as a reimbursement for keeping you employed.

There is no time requirement for full-time and part-time staff, but casuals have to have been employed for 12 months.

At the end of the day, if the business has suffered a downturn, it could make the choice to stand you down as keeping you would impact on its cashflow, so this JobKeeper payment is to ensure that that decision is less likely, ie. your situation may not have changed, but your employer's has if it has suffered a downtown of 30% in turnover.

John Terry
April 8, 2020 2.54pm

Do we know if those businesses established a few months before Coronavirus situation (those with no revenue yet), would also be covered by JobKeeper?

Mary Nelson
April 8, 2020 7.06pm

My daughter recently achieved her cert111 in a childcare centre. They have kept her on as casual worker. Is she eligible for the jobkeers subsidy from the government.

Thank you for your reply

Sharrn Nish
April 14, 2020 4.24pm

Only if she has been employed at that site for more than 12 months.

Lynne Sinadinovic
April 9, 2020 8.24am

Should my employer sign me up for job keeper payment. Will that effect keeping my disability as i do seriously need this to survive.

Natalie K
April 9, 2020 8.46am

Hi there,

I am currently working for 2 companies, one of which I have been stood down from. Am I still entitled to the JobKeeper fortnight payment if i am still currently working at my other job?

Linne Street
April 9, 2020 12.04pm

I have worked casually for 2 years doing around 15 hrs per week, and also on Job seeker. My husband is on a Pension. If my employer claims job keeper for me will that impact on my husband pension, as I would need to declare the income as I have normally done. Otherwise on job seek we would both be better off.

Anne Kimpton
April 9, 2020 1.40pm

My Husband works for an International Airline and has currently been stood down. The Company has advised they will not be accessing the Jobkeeper scheme as they believe they are not eligible due being an overseas entity? Is this correct?..they employ currently about 200 Australians. If this is correct can these employees apply for the Jobseeker scheme during their stand down duration?..Thankyou??

Tanny Jane
April 9, 2020 3.44pm

I have a casual employee who works 5 hours a week $400 a fortnight roundly.

Would he be now entitled to the $1500 per fortnight?

Doesn't seem right?

Arjun Sunar
April 9, 2020 9.45pm

I was working full time at the cafe and stood down 2 weeks ago, but my employer has registered for job keepers subsidy . Now my employer has told me that I have to work 3 shifts a week to get that government job keepers subsidy. Now my question is that can I ask for pay of that 3 shifts work? Or can I still claim the government subsidy while I m stood down?

Please need some decent information.

Brett Beveridge
April 10, 2020 3.35pm


I lost my permanent job 3 weeks ago having only just started this new job March 2nd which is after the March 1st cutoff which is when you had to be employed to be eligible for JobKeeper. Centrelink has just informed me that I am not eligible for Jobseeker, no reason given so far however it's probably because I have an investment property which actually costs me money to own ie mortgage, rates etc. I have no income, my wife earns $56000 pa, I am not eligible for Jobseeker or JobKeeper!! Is there any option available to me for Government assistance as it seems there policy misses people like me for which I am not unique?

Harry Call
April 19, 2020 12.21pm

Centrelink does not seem to take into account what your costs are except for a few exceptions, Paying a mortgage os not one, also I think it is not fair that someone can get rent assistance to pay someone else's mortgage but you can not get the same amount to pay towards your own mortgage.

The partner income has also been increased to just under $80,000 so you may be entitled to some payment now as the previous limit was about $48000.

Mandy W
April 10, 2020 7.31pm

I am an Enrolled Nurse and have been employed as a casual in the public sector in Tasmania for the past 4 years and always have had plenty of work. Since COVD-19, the permanent staff are not permitted to take their leave and therefore I have had barely any shifts, I have two shifts rostered for the next fortnight and nothing after that. My question is, am I entitled to assistance from the jobkeeper scheme as I work for the Department of Human Health Services?

Wahie Soni
April 10, 2020 11.21pm

I am working as a casual educator since July'18 continuously till September'19.

After that I went on holidays till mid November'19 .I was willing to work and start again with same company and went to see manager a number of times but they didn't offer any shift.

As a casual educator since July'18, my concern am i eligible for Job Keeper allowance and I never resigned.

Marie Wolf
April 11, 2020 11.21am

I have been working with my current aged care home care position part time and get a small added portion of jobseeker (previously Newstart) allowance for the past 6 years. My employer has let us know that he has applied for the Jobkeeper payment although it doesn't need to be implemented yet. My question is - do I have to accept the Jobkeeper payment from my employer when it is brought into effect within my workplace or can I stay on my paid wages of approx 20 hours per week? Financially, I will be much better off staying on my current wages plus small portion of jobseeker allowance and the added $550 fortnightly payment than I would be on the Jobkeeper allowance

Bal K
April 11, 2020 3.20pm

Hi would like to know how jobkeeper payment working for example I am working 20 hours a week now because business down . Am I getting only 1500$ subsidy rate or working hours too pls help me sort out this confusion thanks

Esther Deegan
April 13, 2020 3.52pm

Hi. I have lost my shifts down to 5-6 hrs in a week. I am a casual worker and only worked for 5 mths with my employee. Am I eligible to any financial support?

Thank you.



Sharrn Nish
April 14, 2020 4.31pm

You won't be eligible for the JobKeeper payment because you have only been employed for 5 months with your employer. You may be eligible for the JobSeeker payment through Services Australia (Centrelink):


Lulu Green
April 14, 2020 10.33am

Is there an age limit for this? I heard a 16 year old school kid who works casually on the weekend is expecting a massive payrise as she's eligible for this, even though she's full time at school and was earning way less than $1500 a fortnight...

Sharrn Nish
April 14, 2020 4.28pm

The person needs to be 16 years or over at 1st March 2020 and employed as a casual at the same site for 12 months or more to be eligible. So if this student has worked for more than 12 months at that site, yes she is eligible, regardless of the small amount of hours she does each weekend.

Jackie Morgan
April 20, 2020 10.05am

I cannot believe this! What a waste of government funds/our taxes!

I have just found this out as my child's casual workplace has put this in place, although my child is 15 so doesn't qualify. It is morally wrong in this scenario, if the child is a student, living at home and being supported no way should the jobkeeper be paid to them.

susan Hedley
April 14, 2020 4.23pm

Hi Susan. I am on DSP but have been working casually with the same employer for 2 years. My employer has applied for Job Keeper and I was told I was eligible for it. How does that affect my DSP payment? Is it counted as income and has to be reported and then lose 50 cents in the dollar over the amount we can earn including tax? This leaves hardly any DSP payment. Does it work out better to turn down the job keeper and just keep getting the DSP? How much is the tax rate? Will this payment be subject to tax or is it under the threshold? So many people where I work are on the DSP or age pension and work casually for my large employer.

amelia harris
April 16, 2020 2.14am

Hi! I'm also on DSP and did a bit of digging to find an answer for myself and have summarised my findings below.

So, first off, yes it does have to be reported and it is counted as income. The information given by the gov't, ATO, and Centrelink all state that the JobKeeper payment is reportable and taxable income. I also did some maths around specific amounts because I was concerned that me going on JobKeeper would result in me losing my DSP if it took me above my cutoff point...it gets a little mathematical below!

The 50c on the dollar reduction is for all amounts earned over $174 for singles. This gives us $1326 that influences our pension, meaning we receive $663 less. For me as a single over 21, I would receive $281.30 from Centrelink each fortnight which brings my total fortnightly income to just under $1800.

Because the JobKeeper payment is taxable, getting it would take my income well above the threshold. The information on how tax is calculated is on the ATO's website, but the only relevant information here is that you're taxed 19c for each dollar you earn between $18,200 and $37,000. My calculations put my own taxable annual income at a maximum of $35,000 while receiving JobKeeper. In that scenario, I would be taxed $3192. That's $2000 more than what I would have owed without JobKeeper, but when you factor in that it earned me an extra $10,000, that still leaves me $8000 better off!

There's also ways to reduce tax, especially if you're working from home because you can claim things like a percentage of your electricity and internet bills if you use them to work! The ATO also have information about all that on their website.

I will be calling both Centrelink and the ATO to confirm the facts and I suggest you do the same, but I believe getting JobKeeper will be worth it. I really hope this helped!

Harry Call
April 19, 2020 12.27pm

If you are already getting a benefit from Centrelink can you get both. If you are getting jobseeker because of not having a job you are not able to get Jobkeeper, it is one or the other. Both schemes are to help people when they have nothing.

Paul Matthews
April 15, 2020 5.15pm

My wife and I run our own business as a partnership on our own ABN and have been doing so for nearly five years. We de-registered for GST a couple of years ago as we weren't earning enough ($75000) but report our earnings on our individual tax returns. We couldn't do a 'partnership' tax return as the My Gov doesn't allow for that. My question is this: As self employed people in a partnership can we both receive the Jobkeeper payments? We don't have any employees. It seems so unfair that if only ONE of us can receive this but if we'd employed a casual part timer for the last year or so, then they could get get $1500 a fortnight (even if they never earned that much) when one partner in our business partnership doesn't get it. Surely that's not right?

Julia Core
April 16, 2020 5.02pm

I have a casual employee who is 17 years old and has only ever worked one 3 hour shift a week for the past year, therefore earning barely $100 a week. Am I required to pay her the jobkeeper payment of $1500 a fortnight? She is in high school & living with her parents. Can I ask her to work more hours?

Harry Call
April 19, 2020 12.23pm

Surely if you employed her a contract of certain hours, you should not be able to change these hours these hours just because they are now getting $1500

Tony Turton
April 16, 2020 9.14pm

I am employed by a coach company as a coach driver. I have been driving coaches professionally for almost 4 years. The company has lost nearly 100% of its business and can't occupy any of its drivers at the moment. Therefore, they have invited me to participate in the Job Keeper scheme.

4 years ago, I used to be a school teacher, but have been working driving coaches while on Leave Without Pay. Now I am receiving Long Service Leave and will sever my ties with teaching when LSL is paid out. Am I eligible for the JobKeepers payment?

Sarah Kunst
April 16, 2020 9.22pm

I have been employed for 9 years perm part time and was recently advised that I was required to reduce my hours to 18 hours per week. After 1 week of working the new hours, I was stood down as the business closed/hibernated. I have now been forced onto Annual Leave being paid the 18 hours only. Will I get Job Keeper if I am on leave ?

Melissa Louise
April 17, 2020 4.12pm

What about those people in limbo who were unemployed pre coronavirus, ( not on benefits) then found a job just before lockdown with a verbal offer ( background checks were pending ) Now currently unable to get a start date from the employer but " employed" Do these people in limbo apply for jobseeker?

Michael F
April 18, 2020 9.50am

If I accept the Job Keeper payment from my employer, will that cancel my Youth Allowance payment? If so, will I then have to reapply when the Job Keeper payment ends?

Steff PD
April 18, 2020 9.07pm


I'm a casual educator in a childcare centre.

I've been employed since 2 years. I was getting shifts twice or thrice a week till July 2019 and after that I went on a maternity leave. So it's been 8 months since I'm on a maternity leave. And my maternity leave ended this month. But I'm not getting any shifts due to the declining number of children in the childcare, casuals are not getting shifts. I contacted my employer regarding the job keeper payment and they say I'm not eligible. I was a bit shocked to hear that.

The reason they gave was " that employees must be regularly and systematically employed for at least 12 months prior to March 1st this year. We believe to meet this definition you will need to have worked at least one full shift in 40 out of the last 52 weeks".

But prior to my maternity leave I've worked till July 2019.

Don't understand why they say I'm not eligible.

I really need a answer for this. Appreciate if someone could help me out

Michael P
April 24, 2020 2.34pm

Hi Steff, my wife is in the same position. Was due to start back at work in early February in clothing retail but as coronavirus took off the company's turnover suffered and closed its doors. She wasn't able to get back to work as a result so we fear she will miss out because of the regular payment. However she meets all the criteria of >12months work (even prior to bub), full time and still employed by them. It is something that really concerns us and we feel women on maternity leave might have been overlooked here which would be a big hit to many young families. Have you had any information or success in applying for job keeper?

Thank you

Steffy Joseph
April 24, 2020 4.00pm

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the response.

I still haven't heard anything from my employer, I've been following up since last week, hopefully they'll update by the end of the day.

As you said yes, there are many women out there on their maternity leave who are having the same concern and they're looking for some positive response.

Michael P
April 27, 2020 8.38am

Great thank you for keeping me updated. We should hear back by end of week so happy to re-post our response. Vice versa if you do please do and this post may help many others as well.

Violeta Craney
April 19, 2020 8.46am

I have been employed by a local council in childcare for 20 years as a casual, during that time I have also been employed as a casual by the largest childcare organization in the country for 10 years. My husband earns just on the limit of 80k a year. I believe I am not entitled to Job Seeker and also not Job Keeper due to my employment by council ( I think this is morally wrong by our government anyway). I now find out I am not entitled for Job Keeper by the other employer ( the largest Childcare in Australia). I have worked various shifts in the last 12 months, more for council than the other childcare organization, but I have worked never the less. Why am I being left out and treated so differently by my government. My husbands 80k/year is not something to dismiss BUT after tax is just basic. Why am I being treated as to not need assistance, why is my rights being dismissed. Also my husband is 67 working past retirement just as the government asked years ago. Are we the forgotten Australians. What can we do.Thank you

Dale Dodimead
April 19, 2020 10.00am

My wife's employer has requested she sign a contract stating that she has to increase her normal 18 hours a week casual employment to the hours that add to the $ 1500 a fortnight or they won't sign her up on job keeper

Rahul K
April 19, 2020 10.10am

What happens if I start getting the jobkeepers wage subsidy and then also find a casual job with full time hours with a different employer? What do I do then?

Fiona Cook
April 19, 2020 10.37am

I have been working as a casual on a regular and systematic basis for 7 months. I was however originally hired 18 months ago when I worked a few weeks before taking 11 months off. Given I was never terminated, am I able to use my original start date to determine my eligibility for the jobkeeper?

Denise Stuart
April 20, 2020 9.12am

Will Job Keeper payment affect my husbands old age pension?

Jackie Morgan
April 20, 2020 9.59am

How is it possible that a student (age 16) who works casually and may earn approx $100 p/week is now eligible for jobkeeper! And my child who works exactly the same (age 15) is not.

I cannot see how the government thinks paying the jobkeeper of $1500 p/fortnight to a student is realistic!

Diana Baker
April 20, 2020 1.39pm

I'm on a part aged pension and have been working as a casual in a call centre am I eligible for Jobkeeper allowance

Rosalie Allan
April 20, 2020 3.26pm

Hello, my company has had to shut its doors for now as we are a retreat centre. I am not sure if the company is eligible for Jobkeeper as they determine the loss via BAS. As we are relatively new, about 2 years old, we do not yet do BAS. Can we still apply for Jobkeeper payments for our 2 employee's with no BAS to prove a loss of 30% or more?

Prabhu Palani
April 20, 2020 6.30pm

Hai, iam basically bridging visa subclass 866A holder, in this time Iam eligible to applied for jobkeeper payment

Sophie Slato
April 21, 2020 12.51am


Me and my husband are in a partnership for our 2 x commercial properties. We actively manage them ourselves. We are still in the negotiating part whereby they are claiming over a 90% loss of turnover and are requesting a 50% discount. (The fact that they still choose to operate 7 days a week and asking for a few more months as their lease expires in July tells me a different story). Anyways our offer to them is already putting me in hardship and we do still have a big gap to negotiate. Negotiations would be helped if I knew our eligibility for 1 x Jobkeeper. Please advise. (decrease in our income would be greater than 30% if we negotiate the 50% discount).

Joanne Besal
April 21, 2020 10.41am

Hi, so i work full time and my boss has applied for the job keeper, my work colleague who works 1 day a week ( 6 hours) am i correct to say that she will now get $1500 ( before tax) for working 12 hours per week ?... i mean that's great for her and all but surely the government is wasting money by this, they should only be entitled to their normal wage.... or have i got this wrong?

Lynne Blackbourn
April 21, 2020 1.03pm

My daughter worked casually in a gym that closed down because of COVID-19. She is eligible for the job seeker payment, having worked there for over 12 months and I imagine her employer is as well (given the complete shutdown) However, he seems reluctant for some reason to apply for it so she can get paid the Jobseeker payment. Is he required to apply for it if eligible or does the employer have discretion over whether they apply for it or not? Does this mean he is saying he does not want to retain her when the business reopens? Is he keeping his options open, rather than paying her what she is entitled to? It seems really unfair. Any redress?

Chris Field
April 21, 2020 1.47pm

Is there an age cap to the Job keeper scheme we are trying to clarify this as someone advised it was 70 years old?

Alesandra Bester
April 22, 2020 10.10am

Does anyone know anything about McDonalds?

My brother is a part time student and has been working as a casual at McDonalds for over 3 years. They have cut all his shifts would he be able to get JobKeeper? I know that McDonalds has to lose over 50% of their business and I don't know if they have.

Vicki C
April 22, 2020 2.36pm

I have a question - My daughter is currently getting Austudy and works one a day a week. Her employer has nominated her for JobKeeper. Does she need to cancel her Austudy payments with Centrelink?

james almond
April 22, 2020 7.26pm

Hi, as a Sole Trader (not by choice - employer forced), where I am effectively working as a employee working full time for the same company for 9 years but do my own tax, submit invoices etc. We haven't seen a full downturn of 30% yet due to remaining jobs but it is well and truly on the way in the next month. It has been raised that they are considering the idea of 'deferring invoices' so we can meet the downturn threshold but continue working as usual and then be paid the invoices in October.

Effectively we would just be getting paid at a later date and live off JobKeeper for the time being, just so it can help the bosses business cash flow and possible lessened hours to come. Would this be considered illegal, when they could just say we finished a big contract later in the year when we get our 'deferred payments' made.

Alison Croughan
April 23, 2020 4.58pm

If registering for job keeper are casual employees who are employed every school holidays for the past three years eligible

Jessa Malala
April 24, 2020 8.51pm

My daughter is working in a childcare centre, casual with a contract since last September, busy as kids are returning to the centre, but was stood down today. She was told the company just got job keeper And that they are giving all the shifts to permanent staff so that they don't need to necessarily use all the job keeper.

On the other hand she was told by Centre Link she cannot make any claim since there is a place of work for her Is just that she's just been stood down.

Is that all the above "legal"?

Thank you for your help.

Peter James
April 24, 2020 11.49pm

Hi Guys,

My Work place has stood all employee's down and put everyone on jobkeeper and asked a few people to come in for the odd job

we get. Should he now be paying me for the day I work, On top of the $750 from the Government. $750 + $280 (Day)?

Or can he say that Day is 'OF' the $750.

Hence I'm working and My work mates that are at home on the lounge get payed the same weekly wage. ???

Casey Newby
April 26, 2020 12.30pm

My son almost 17 year old son falls short for the JobKeeper payment by 6 Days as he wasn't employed with his current work till 7 March 2019 and in order for a casual to qualify they need to have worked for a minimum of 12 months. Would there any exemptions to this? He does not qualify for any other payment due to only being 16 and studying fulltime (not yet completed year 12)

Andrew T
April 26, 2020 12.50pm

I would like to know what option there are in this situation as we know a few people who have the same questions and I am sure there are a lot more as well.

My wife has been stood down and her employer will not make a big enough loss to qualify for JobKeeper and I earn more than the threshold so JobSeeker is out as well.

Looks like we have to keep spending what saving we have to support ourselves and 2 children until she can go back to work as we do not qualify for any assistance?

Darrell Sugar
May 2, 2020 4.40pm

I am now on the Job Keeper paymetns from my employer. Am I able to get a concession card for Health Care card at all. If so how do i get one as know one is giving any information out and people keep saying that i earn too much how is AUD15000 gross a fornight to much.. If you have any links for advice that would be helpful, thank you.

Warren Harding
May 2, 2020 8.23pm

My son was made redundant on the 30 April. He was employed in a cinema (they are closed) and they applied for jobkeeper and he filled out the nomination but did not lodge for him, said they couldn't afford to pay him. So angry. No recourse, Was casual for more than 12 months and as is uni student, as far as we know cannot get job seeker.

Alan Collins
May 15, 2020 5.36pm

I am a pensioner and have been working for a bus company for 10 months as a contractor with no ABN - Am I entitled to apply for the Newstart allowance or do I have to rely on the pension to get by even though it it is only $500 per fortnight.

Nat Meyer
May 26, 2020 3.52pm

Hi. I manage an ACNC charity and we cant get a straight answer on whether fully funded staff are definitely excluded if we apply the alternate test and exclude grants funding. As it happens we can show a downturn whether we include government grants or not but we want to be sure we are doing the right thing . Plus we know quite a few other charities in the same dilemma. The ATO says as follows:

"Fully government funded employees of a charity that has elected to exclude government grants are not relevant employees. Therefore, they do not need to be notified of the charity's election to participate and the steps for nomination. If the charity chooses to receive JobKeeper payments for these employees, it must notify them, and they must agree to be nominated by the charity."

We can't work out under what circumstances we can choose to receive JK payments for these employees, if we have gone for the alternate test and excluded grant funding? We provide essential services and have been operating the whole time, except for certain services and activities which we have had to suspend and a couple of staff stood down as a result. Most of our staff have worked through it. NDIS worker stood down as client not paying the fees because we have been unable to deliver the contracted services becos mum is keeping client at home in iso. We are just trying to do the right thing by all concerned..our staff, the taxpayers etc..but we cannot get to the bottom of the actual rules. So we are struggling to apply them. Can anyone help?

Kathy Neho
June 22, 2020 2.36pm

My son has been a casual employee through a Woolworths agency and working at the Woolworths cold storage for 7 years and still is. When all this hoarding of supplies stopped, and shelves started filling up again, he has now been given a minimum of 8-10 hours per week, and daily cancellations from the agency. Ridiculous, and they do not pay the job keeper?

Bernadette Healy
June 24, 2020 2.52pm

II was made redundant this week after working for the Company for 30 years I'm 65 years, widowed what are my entitlements please. Many Thanks

Sharna Nemovski
September 19, 2021 2.24am

Hi, I had bought my buisness in 2020,beauty salon,and was 3 days away from opening up for the first time,and covid then closed all salons,as I had then 2 rents to pay,shop and home and no income,I lost the buisness. This was my dream,so I've spent 100k on renovating the whole shop,supplies,advertising,insu... etc,gone in an instant,with landlord evicting me as rent was behind,even though I had the money to give him he said no and to leave,shop is now up for sale. I've hit a brick wall in finding some sort of compensation for small buisness's in my situation. I was already on jobseeker,and I recieved a payout from being a Ward Of State when I was a child,so I used that money to buy my dream,my buisness,so I feel like I've been kicked in the stomach so hard with it all being for nothing. Please as I have also written to parliament asking for help with this as I'm sure there are others out there who were also ready to open for the first time and covid keeping them closed. Please help or point me to the right people. Thanks