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With more than 80% of active fund managers failing to beat the index, Aussie investors are ditching risky stock picking in favour of a safer option: ETFs.

Why ETFs could be the answer to market volatility

COVID-19 led us to panic-buy at the supermarket and to panic-sell on the sharemarket. As uncertainty around this global pandemic continues, Australia's economy will remain turbulent. Watching and acting on daily sharemarket price movements can soon ... More
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expats cgt deadline

Expats sweat as main residence CGT cut-off looms

Already facing a rapidly approaching deadline signaling the end of exemptions from capital gains tax, expats now face further challenges in selling their former family homes, with only COVID-19 to blame. Atlas Wealth Management managing director James ... More
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preparing your house for winter

Winter is coming: 10 ways to save on your energy bill

Having stayed home during quarantine, and with winter ahead, most of us are expecting a hike in our energy bill, but you can get the cost down with a few changes. According to research by, 84% of Australians are expecting their ... More
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