The cost of Christmas dinner has jumped $100 in 20 years


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This year's traditional Christmas dinner will make a bigger dent in household budgets.

A 4.2% jump in Australian poultry prices, a 3% rise in pork and a 3.1% increase in vegetables is the steepest rise for a Christmas dinner since 2012, according to Anthony Doyle, global cross asset investment specialist at Fidelity International.

Doyle estimates that a Christmas dinner will cost around $200 this year. He says the cost of Christmas dinner has risen by 92% or around $100 since 1989.

cost of christmas dinner

If you want to keep your costs lower, a seafood Christmas dinner with fish and other seafood have risen only by 0.8% since last Christmas. Snacks and confectionary rose by the least amount, registering a 0.2% increase.

The 2.2% increase in Christmas dinner food is the fastest annual increase in the cost of Christmas dinner since 2012 when it rose by 2.4%.

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