How to get the best deal on an iPhone 8: is more data worth it?


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Apple unveiled its new iPhones last week and ushered in a new golden age for smartphones: as in, you'll need a stash of gold to pay for them.

There are a total of six new iPhones to choose from, three models each with two storage options, and prices ranging from $1079 up to an eye-watering $1829.

The iPhone X, due out in November, stole the limelight on launch day, with its dazzling new edge-to-edge screen design and futuristic face recognition. But it also claimed the dubious title of the world's most expensive smartphone.

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Instead, we recommend taking a look at the still new, but cheaper, iPhone 8.

As you shop around, make sure you are looking for a plan with the things you need.

This year the telcos are battling for your business with huge data bonuses, including plans with 30GB and 40GB to use each month.

Don't be fooled: smart shoppers will choose a cheaper plan, regardless of the apparent "value" of these big data packs.

It takes time and dedication to use more than about 10GB per month, we find. Here are a few choice options:

  • Optus: iPhone 8 64GB, unlimited calls and SMS, 12GB data for $90 per month.
  • Virgin Mobile: iPhone 8 64GB, unlimited calls and SMS, 16GB data for $93 per month.
  • Vodafone: iPhone 8 64GB, unlimited calls and SMS, 14GB data for $94.95 per month.

If those prices seem a tad high, Vodafone gives you the option to pay off the phone over three years, which lowers the monthly payments, but lengthens your commitment.

If you are a loyal Telstra customer, a comparable plan with 5GB of data costs $101 per month.

And, don't forget, these are just the prices for the basic model. Expect to add about $10 per month if you're interested in an iPhone with more storage or a larger screen.

If you plan on waiting until November to trade-up to the new iPhone X, we expect plans to start from about $90 per month, but most people will need to pay at least $110 per month to get enough data in their plan to make the best use of what the iPhone has to offer.

For as much as we love our new gadgets at WhistleOut, it begs the questions: how much is a new phone really worth?

Every $10 you shave off your phone bill each month is worth $240 by the end of the contract. The best thing to come from the launch of the iPhone X might be how it shines a light on the value-packed phones made by some of the lesser known brands.

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