Two apps you didn't know you needed till now


App: First Aid

Cost: Free

OS: iOS, Android

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Would you know how to assist someone if you found them unconscious?

Can you recall the acronym to help a possible stroke victim?

The answer is FAST. Face: is there weakness on one side of their face? Arms: can they raise both arms? Speech: is their speech easily understood? Time: to call 000.

The app has a first aid function that takes you through the process for dealing with an emergency.

For example, if someone has an asthma attack, the app advises you to help the person sit in a comfortable position and take their medication.

Step 2 is to reassure the person.

Step 3 advises that a mild attack should ease within a few minutes after medication.

If after four minutes their condition doesn't improve, call 000 (hit the 000 button provided in the app) and continue administering medication.

This first aid app could literally help save a life.

App: Clear

Cost: Free

OS: iOS, Android

Ever tweeted something you're not proud of?

With the merging of our public and private lives, social media has fooled us into using the internet as a personal diary.

From the perspective of a potential employer, oversharing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is a big no-no.

If you've ever posted something offensive, you will probably find yourself in breach of your workplace code of ethics - which can potentially cost you your job.

Behold, the Clear app.

Creator Ethan Czahor has designed an app that filters your social media history to flag all posts and tweets that could be deemed inappropriate in a professional environment.

You can bet Clear will filter out more than the occasional f-bomb, with an impressive system that also picks up cultural colloquialisms and racial slurs.

You can then delete your flagged posts. In one sweep, the Clear app can give you a squeaky clean social media history.


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