Friends With Money #52: Starting with shares


Is now the time to start buying shares or is the market too volatile?

This week on the Friends With Money podcast, author Roger Kinsky chats with Money's Michelle Baltazar.

They discuss his new book that explains how novice investors can get started buying shares for the first time.

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Michelle Baltazar is editor-in-chief of Money magazine and an award-winning journalist, editor and publisher. She has worked at media companies including BRW, Shares Magazine (London) and industry newspaper Financial Standard, and has written about superannuation, wealth management, investment technology and financial advice.
Rita Tsoutsouras
June 28, 2022 6.48pm


I loved this podcast with Roger Kinsky. I've bought some of his books and found him to be a great inspiration on my investing journey. He's down to earth, simple explanations make investing a lot easier on a novice like me. He also very graciously replied to an email I sent him a few months ago which goes to show you he really does want to educate and encourage people who are interested. Wonderful podcast. 10 out of 10!