Hottest salaries for 2017


Australians working in tech, infrastructure and corporate governance sectors are most likely to enjoy double digit wage growth in 2017, according to new research.

The findings, which form part of the Robert Walters annual salary survey, reveal New South Wales-based senior IT professionals are poised to be the wage winners for 2017 thanks to strong demand for specialist top talent.

James Nicholson, managing director of the Robert Walters global recruitment consultancy group in Australia and New Zealand, says the recruitment market across Australia was stronger than expected in 2016 and that is expected to continue.

"Technology advances to enable and fast track productivity gains, regulatory pressures within the financial services sector together with the $50 billion worth of investment committed by Australia's national and state governments are the main drivers for salary growth," Nicholson says.

Wages are expected to stagnate for workers in human resources, sales and business support, due to oversupply.

New South Wales is expected to have the lion's share of wage winners in 2017, with half of the top 10 hottest salaries coming from the strong IT, finance and business sectors. Queensland has two in infrastructure and business support thanks to public sector spend, while Victoria has one.

Aussies are expecting better bonuses but subdued salaries in the year ahead.

According to the survey, 69% believe they will receive a salary increase (down 2% from last year) while 49% think that they will get a bonus (up 4%).

And for those considering moving into a different role in 2017 you are not alone.

"56% of Australian professionals will be looking to move jobs this year. Of those only 28% will change jobs for a better salary. Career progression, flexible working conditions and cultural fit will be the major non-financial reasons jobseekers will be looking to move jobs in 2017," says Nicholson.

State Role 2016 salary 2017 salary (predicted)
NSW IT Network/System Engineer $110,000 (max) $160,000 (max)
NSW Funds and Operational Analysts $60,000 (max) $80,000 (max)
VIC Digital Marketing Manager $140,000 (max) $180,000 (max)
QLD Logistics Officer $60,000 (min) $75,000 (min)
NSW Project Manager $130,000 (max) $160,000 (max)
NSW DevOps Engineer $90,000 (min) $110,000 (min)
NSW IT Tester $70,000 (min) $85,000 (min)
QLD Customer Service Team Leader $75,000 (max) $90,000 (max)


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