Eight easy tips for getting your house ready for sale this spring


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1. Maximise kerbside appeal.

This means having a tidy garden, neat fence in good repair, a new entry mat and some pots of colourful flowers to give a good first impression. Clean the outside of your home including scrubbing bricks and windows.

2. De-clutter.

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Maximise floor space so purchasers can see how spacious it is. Clean out cupboards so it looks like you have more storage space. Throw away as much as possible but if there are items you just can't part with, ask a friend or family member to store them for you.

3. Clean.

Everything, meaning everything, must be gleaming. No cobwebs. No dust.

4. Touch up.

Redo shabby paintwork, replace kitchen cupboard doors and/or handles, replace chipped tiles, fix cracks. If you have carpets consider getting them professionally steam cleaned so they look better.

5. Get rid of any smells.

Pet or foul odours can be a real turn off.

6. Get an objective opinion.

Your agent for example can compare the presentation of your property with others on the market. Try not to take any feedback personally.

7. Get professional help.

If you are happy to spend a bit of money, consider getting in a professional stylist to help improve the presentation.

8. Move out.

If you can move your family and pets out, your house will always be available to be shown to its best advantage.

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