Four money personalities: which one are you?


Financial therapy is about finding the root of the problem and determining what aspects of your lifestyle or financial habits are causing you distress.

Brad Klontz, an American published financial therapist, believes there are four distinct money types, or 'scripts', that characterise individual spending and saving habits.

Which money personality do you identify with?

four money personalities - which one are you

The Avoider

For the Avoider, money is often seen as a force that stirs up fear, anxiety or disgust.

These people may be worried about abusing credit cards or over-drafting their account.

They may self-sabotage their financial success, avoid spending money on reasonable or necessary purchases, or may subconsciously spend to have as little as possible in their control.

The Worshipper

People who are Worshippers tend to believe that an increase in income or financial windfall will solve their problems.

This may be associated with compulsive hoarding, unreasonable risk-taking, excessive gambling, over-working, overspending or compulsive buying.

The Status Symbol

These types usually associate self-worth with net worth.

They show competitive spending traits and try to keep up with the spending habits of others.

Those who align money with status tend to have lower ratings of well-being, self-actualisation, vitality and happiness, and higher levels of anxiety.

The Guarded

For some people, money is a very secret topic, despite whether they have a lot or a little.

People who are secretive about their money may be developing unhealthy financial behaviours, such as cash hoarding or excessive frugality.

This type is linked to alertness, watchfulness, anxiety and a sense of paranoia.

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