How the iPhone 6s, iPad Pro and Apple TV measure up


Apple usually unveils its biggest new products in a duo of presentations held over September and October but this year it seems to have rolled all its splashiest announcements into one extravaganza.

As well as unveiling the expected new iPhones, it also showed two long-rumoured new products.

First up is the iPad Pro, the largest and most powerful tablet Apple has ever made, designed to effectively replace notebooks and appeal to business users. Second is the new Apple TV, a major upgrade to the series that transforms the lightweight set-top box into a slick new entertainment and gaming system.

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The only downside for Australian Apple fans comes courtesy of our weaker currency. Since this time a year ago, the Australian dollar is more than 20c down against the US dollar, which means new products in some cases cost hundreds of dollars more than their equivalents a year ago. Ouch!

What is it? iPhone 6s and 6s Plus How much? From $1079 Pros: Apple only does a major iPhone redesign every other year, with its "s" model upgrades focusing on refinements instead. But the company is at pains to emphasise that the 6s and larger 6s Plus (from $1229) are worth your attention. The biggest new features are 3D Touch and Live Photos, which turns still photos into mini movies. Cons: None but at up to $1529 these are by far the least affordable iPhones yet. Visit

What is it? iPad Pro How much? $US799 (Australian pricing TBA) Pros: iPads have always been sleek and capable but compared with notebooks and desktops they're decidedly lacking for some pursuits. Apple aims to change that with the iPad Pro, a 12.9in tablet with a much faster chip, 4GB of RAM and support for multi-tasking, plus new accessories such as a stylus and keyboard. Cons: Apple is playing catch-up here but that doesn't make us want the iPad Pro any less. Visit

What is it? Apple TV How much? From $US149 (pricing TBA) Pros: It looks as if Apple is finally getting serious about its living-room entertainment device. The revamped model sports more powerful innards and a new operating system, and will run its own apps and games. A new remote offers Wii-style gesture- based gaming opportunities. Cons: More expensive than lightweight media players but less powerful than dedicated gaming consoles. Visit



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