Ask Paul: Am I better off with a novated lease or a car loan?


Q. I have been trying to do the sums to see if I would be better off getting a new vehicle through a novated lease or a personal loan.

Combined income is around $170,000pa net. - Therese

A. Hi Therese. It really depends on the income of the person who is buying the car and the value of the car.

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Any of the novated lease companies can then run the numbers for you.

You can compare this with the repayment schedule on a personal loan and then you will have a black-and-white answer.

I suspect if you compare the novated lease with a really low-interest personal loan there will not be a lot of difference.

I reckon the real issue is the actual cost of the car.

The advice I have been giving for 40 years is "buy the cheapest car your ego can live with".

They are just money-devouring, depreciating disasters. Sure, we need one but the best advice I can give you is to buy a cheap, reliable one.



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August 3, 2018 6.24am

Click bait with no answer (other than 'check for yourself').

August 27, 2018 8.21pm

Best way to buy a car is to save up and pay cash for it.

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