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Five must-read books on the banking royal commission

If you have a bank account, insurance policy, and financial planner or belong to a superannuation fund, you want to avoid the wrong ones. One way is to understand the DNA of the companies behind these financial services. But up until last year, journalists ... More
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financial adviser

How to find a financial adviser you can actually trust

The royal commission has made many Aussies cynical about getting financial advice. The most important step in finding a financial adviser you can trust is to remove any conflicts of interest. To be truly independent I believe the adviser needs to satisfy ... More
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top five habits successful investors

The top five habits of highly successful investors

It has been said (and many books have been written about) that habits play a critical role in achieving success. While it's all well and good to set lofty goals, it's the (seemingly) small and positive habits that we adhere to on a daily basis ... More
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