Where to fill up your petrol tank for less this long weekend


Fuel prices are on the up, so knowing which areas are cheapest for a quick pit stop at the bowser could save you money this long weekend.

Monday is a public holiday in the ACT, NSW, SA courtesy of labour day, while Queensland has it off for Queen's birthday.

Comparison website comparethemarket.com.au has done the heavy lifting to find out the varying petrol prices around the country.

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"As shutdowns and restrictions across the country continue to ease in most states, our analysis shows that petrol prices are starting to rise closer to their pre-pandemic prices," says Abigail Koch, household savings expert at comparethemarket.com.au.

"Motorists paid an average of 122cpl over the last quarter, which is 9cpl more than the quarter to June and is nearly double the average price motorists paid in the middle of April when we hit record-low prices of around 75cpl."


If you live in Sydney, fill up now because prices are expected to rise over the coming month as we head into a new price cycle.

Over the last quarter, Sydney motorists paid on average of 122cpl for fuel, on average 6cpl more than the previous quarter. The inner south-west region fared best with the lowest quarterly fuel prices (116cpl), while the North Sydney and Hornsby subregion were significantly more expensive with an average of 130cpl.

As of Monday, Mount Pritchard in south-west Sydney had the cheapest fuel at 99cpl.


Brisbane residents should also head straight to the pump, with fuel prices currently near or at the bottom of the price cycle.

Brisbane motorists have been hit with the highest fuel prices this past quarter, which averaged 126cpl.

Around the suburbs, Plainland got the best deal at 101cpl, while Point Lookout got the short end of the stick at 136cpl.


Adelaide motorists have enjoyed some of the cheapest fuel in the country, averaging 120cpl over the last quarter.  Prices across Sydney were fairly level, with only a four cent difference between the most and least expensive towns.


Over the quarter, Perth recorded the lowest fuel prices in the country, at 119cpl.

Comparethemarket.com.au recommends shopping around and comparing prices, as some retailers differ between 5 to 10cpl at the height of the cycle.

The north-west and south-east subregions came in with the cheapest fuel prices over the quarter, at 118cpl, compared to inner Perth at 121cpl.


Canberra's quarter saw an average fuel price of 122cpl, the same as the previous quarter.

Comparethemarket.com.au recommends Canberran motorists top up their tanks as needed and take their time filling up, as fuel prices have been falling since July, and should continue to do so.

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