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long weekend petrol prices

Where to find the cheapest petrol this long weekend

Ahead of the Queen's Birthday long weekend, Aussies hitting the road should shop around to find the cheapest petrol in their area and even drive a bit further to save some money. While Perth and Brisbane won't enjoy the public holiday, the good news ... More
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kia picanto s young couples singles cars wheels gold star cars

Best new cars for young buyers: Gold Star Car Awards

Buying and running a car can put a big strain on the budget so Money teamed up with Wheels to find the best value car for you Young couples/singles Winner: Kia Picanto S The cheapest car to run in Australia is the Kia Picanto S. Only grabbing a bus ... More
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how to get the taxman to pay for your petrol fuel ato car costs tax

How to get the taxman to pay for your petrol

With the cost of petrol these days, anything you can do to reduce the cost of motoring is welcome. Significantly, if you use your own car to help you earn taxable income (as part of your job, for instance), you can claim a tax deduction for any costs ... More
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will petrol prices rise fuel prices

Are petrol prices about to rise? What to look for

As my crystal ball is in the repair shop after an appalling lack of accuracy in the footy finals, I'll have to go back to basics. The three key influencers of petrol prices across Australia are: the price of crude oil, the $A to $US exchange rate ... More
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Why are we paying so much for petrol?

The popular perception is that we are being ripped off at the pump. Our petrol price is set not by the west Texas crude standard but Singapore's MOGAS. In January that sat at about $A51 a barrel, which represented a fall of $A28 since mid-2015. The ... More
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