How to buy supermarket goods at a discount


Published on offers supermarket products at bargain prices

What is it?

Save On Brands is a website that offers great deals on supermarket goods at heavily discounted prices every week.


Most products start at $1 with two other price points - $2 and $3.

The website was created in response to consumer frustration at high prices for household, food and health and beauty products.

What you'll find

There are branded products such as Morning Fresh 450ml dishwashing liquid - two for $3, a 50% saving - and 160g Colgate toothpaste - two for $3 with a RRP of $15.70.

Other products include food, clothing, kitchen, cleaning and laundry items, just to name a few.

Freight for 70 items costs just $14.95. For more shipping information, refer to the website.

Why we like it

The prices are extremely competitive for branded items.

The site plans to increase its range to include brands such as Domestos, Harpic, Ajax, Fab, Omo and Finish.

What's not to like about a website that gives the big supermarket chains a run for their money?

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