Should I sign up for the NBN?


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Choosing a broadband plan on the national broadband network (NBN) is something we'll all end up doing at some point in the near future, but you needn't worry about the plan until an NBN installer knocks on your door - sometime between now and 2020.

If you're lucky enough to have had your home or business connected to the NBN recently, you have an important decision to make: whether you want fast internet or really fast internet. Plans are split into five tiers and Tier 5 delivers data 10 times faster than existing ADSL technology. Faster plans are more expensive, and you'll pay an extra $20 to $50 a month for Tier 5, depending on your supplier.

You should also factor in an increase for the data your household needs. Netflix, YouTube and other data-hungry services put a serious dent in your download quota. You may want to budget for a 200GB or 500GB plan rather than spend extra money on breakneck broadband speeds.

should i get the nbn

The NBN is one of the most important infrastructure developments in Australia's history. A world-class broadband network has the power to revolutionise the way we live and work. Of course, there are still five years and two federal elections before completion and, if recent aggressive politicking is anything to go by, a lot may change before we reach the finish line. In the meantime, try to imagine where the NBN might take us in 10, 20 or 50 years and get excited. It isn't available in all areas yet, so check the rollout map on the NBN website.


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