How to begin switching to the age pension


Q: I receive the Newstart allowance from the Australian government and I am approaching the pension age. Will I need to go through the whole claim process again when it comes time for me to switch to the old age pension?

A: The age pension is usually the most appropriate payment for people 65 years or older in Australia but any money you have in super may affect your eligibility or the amount you will receive.

The new transfer process is quicker and easier than completing the original full age pension claim form and, better still, it can be done online.

age pension

Preparing for retirement is a busy time for most people, so we're taking steps to simplify the process for Australians.

We now send you an invitation if you are receiving an eligible income support payment from the Australian government to transfer to the aged pension once you are within nine weeks of reaching eligibility.

For more information about what payments are eligible for this streamlined transfer, visit and use the search function for "transfer to age pension".

Another great resource is our free financial information service. Visit the human services website to find out more information on this subject.


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