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ask the experts hobby farm

Ask the Experts: How can we afford our dream hobby farm?

NAMES: Clare and Michael STATUS: Married and expecting a baby. QUESTIONS: What is the smartest way forward financially for us given that Clare will not be working for some time? Should we invest in shares, buy an investment property or focus on paying ... More
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'We're five years behind where we should be financially'

NAMES: Martin Kaareng & Heidi Benjaminson STATUS: Getting married this year QUESTIONS: It's time for us to get serious with our finances. Where do we invest our money to work for our future? What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying property ... More
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lynch family ask the experts financial advice money magazine investment property holiday house

Ask the Experts: 'Forget about buying a holiday house'

NAME: Paul and Leanne Lynch STATUS: Married with a four-year-old daughter, Matilda. QUESTIONS: We are paying off our mortgage and building up our superannuation - are we on the right path? Should we also look to invest in property, buy a holiday house ... More
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kathleen ask the experts money magazine retirement

Ask the Experts: How do we plan for retirement?

NAME: Kathleen Murray STATUS: Married with two children, 14 and 11. QUESTIONS: How do we plan for retirement? Should we salary sacrifice more through non-concessional contributions or do we leverage off our home and investment properties to invest elsewhere? ... More
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ask the experts property

Ask the Experts: Can Andrew leverage his unit?

NAME: Andrew Ko STATUS: Aged 31 and bought a home two years ago. QUESTIONS: What is the best investment for my money? What is the best way to leverage off my two-bedroom unit? ANSWERS: Pay off your mortgage, so you have a buffer for when rates rise. ... More
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