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new year resolutions goals

How to stick to your financial new year resolutions

It's time again to set resolutions for the new financial year, but why do these so often fail? As humans we tend to work well with milestones - Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries - but the one that tends to be spoken of most is New Years. However more ... More
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money proof your marriage engaged proposal wife husband fiancee relationship couple fight debt

How creating a budget can money-proof your marriage

I recently had a young couple come to see me wanting to sort out their finances out before getting married, their aim, to be debt free before their wedding day. However, what we needed to do was resolve a few maxed out credit cards, have a hard conversation ... More
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pocket money kids family cash change money box

The pocket money dilemma: to pay or not to pay?

First, let's be clear that we are referring to pocket money - as in the money we give to our children unconditionally. It is not tied to household chores or any other work. There are so many different opinions on its appropriateness and so many different ... More
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