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airbnb scam

The biggest Airbnb scams and how you can avoid them

It used to be that getting scammed on holiday meant an overpriced taxi or someone pickpocketing a few hundred dollars from your wallet. Speaking to Australian travel insurers, one of the fastest-growing cons catching people out is fake Airbnb scams ... More
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telco phone sales

Telcos under fire for high-pressure sales tactics

In recent years consumer groups have called for internet services to be regulated in the same way as water, gas and electricity. On the surface this makes sense, especially as more utility providers bundle their services on the one bill. The case for ... More
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apra heatmap

Australia's worst superannuation funds feel APRA's heat

Identifying bad superannuation funds will be easier from December with a new colour coded heat map from the superannuation fund regulator, APRA. There are currently around 100 MySuper funds but it can be complex to tell the good value, strongly performing ... More
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