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Diversification is the key to low-volatility returns

Most of us learned not to put all of our eggs in one basket at our grandparents' knees. The image of the eggs and the baskets is homespun, but it is a wonderful illustration of the benefits of diversification. Diversification has been described ... More
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what does overdiversification overdiversify mean

Too much of a good thing: How to avoid over-diversifying

Diversification is an important way to manage risk and returns by spreading money among different investments. This includes diversifying within asset classes, such as Australian shares, and across asset classes, to include Australian shares, international ... More
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why assessing your own risk level is risky

Why assessing your own risk level can be risky business

Investing isn't easy, and it always involves a level of risk. Determining just how much risk you want to take with your investments is an important part of the process. Low-risk investments include asset classes such as bonds and cash, while higher-risk ... More
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