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The Australian share sectors that pay the best dividends

At a time when investors are hunting for income, you need to make sure you are in the right dividend-paying sectors on the sharemarket. Watch out if you want income from health care or technology shares. You won't receive much in the way of dividends. ... More
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High-dividend funds underperform Australian market

Yield funds that harvest high dividends were all the rage 12 months ago but they have typically underperformed the Australian sharemarket over the past year. This highlights the need for investors to understand the strategies used by managers to produce ... More
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Why a high dividend isn't necessarily a good thing

Avoid the yield trap - a high dividend isn't always a good thing, it could even be a red flag With continuing rock-bottom interest rates on savings accounts and term deposits, who wouldn't want a good dividend? Yet buying a company just because ... More
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Ross McEwan will take over as NAB CEO no later than April 2020, but it's difficult to see how he can change the bank's profitability problems.

Big four bank dividends expected to hold steady

NAB's recent positive earnings surprise and steady dividend should reassure ASX investors that the major banks are not about to significantly cut their dividends any time soon. The market was only concerned about NAB's dividend, with flat to slightly ... More
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Gold, silver and bronze: your Olympic investing strategy

The 2016 Rio Olympics are off to a flying start, along with Australia's spot on the medal tally. Many of us eagerly anticipate this event - one of the truly global sporting spectacles - after a four-year wait between laps. But as we bask in week one ... More
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