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13 super terms you've never really understood

13 common super terms you've never really understood

If all you know about super is that a chunk of your salary disappears each month leaving nothing but a line on a payslip, it's time for a crash course. Here are the superannuation terms you don't really understand and have been too embarrassed ... More
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granny flat rules

Granny flats and capital gains tax: what you need to know

Does your elderly parent live with you? Around 8.2% of people aged over 65 years live with their family or other relatives. If your elderly relatives live either in your home or in a granny flat, do you have a formal agreement or a word of mouth arrangement? ... More
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break-up survival guide budget

The break-up survival guide: 10 money mistakes to avoid

"Happily ever after" has not panned out. The relationship you have invested time, emotions, energy and money in has been deemed - either by you or your now ex-partner - to be irrevocably broken. Divorce is something that the Australian Bureau of Statistics ... More
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facebook will estate

Why your will should cover your Facebook account

One day Facebook may have more dead "memorialised" members than living ones. Planning for the ownership of digital assets in your will has never been more relevant. Ownership of digital assets is a difficult legal area as legislation and the social ... More
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