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Top five affordable suburbs for first-home buyers

There's no denying that first-home buyers have it tough finding affordable locations to buy property, particularly in NSW and Victoria, but a new report by CoreLogic may help. The Top Affordable Suburbs Report identifies the top 100 suburbs where ... More
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Ask Paul: Should I risk my house deposit on shares?

Q. I am 22 and currently earn $50,000 working full time while studying part time. Currently I am fortunate enough to be living at home and have managed to save $60,000, which is in a high-interest savings account. My goal is to buy property in 2019. ... More
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Why single people are less likely to own property

There's no question that house hunting becomes more of an endurance test than an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday morning. But CoreLogic research suggests your chances of overcoming the financial hurdles are far greater if you're part of a couple. ... More
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