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leveraging investing

The risks of leveraging when it comes to investing

Leverage can be both friend and foe to investors. But there are ways to tame the downsides. In simple terms, leverage means borrowing to invest. And it's something plenty of Australians do on a daily basis. When you buy a home using a mortgage, you ... More
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foreign currency exchange money transfer

Skip the big banks to save when sending money overseas

If you are one of the many Australians who regularly send money to family overseas or conducts business internationally with the big four banks, it might surprise you to learn that you are being hit with some of the highest money transfer rates in the ... More
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Fintech stock Ozforex trading at close to fair value

Key statistics: ASX: OFX 08/03/16 closing share price: $ 1.985 52 week high: $3.550 Most recent dividend: 3.6c Annual dividend yield: 3.52 Franking: 100% Ozforex is a provider of foreign exchange services. It is often viewed as part of the "hot fintech" ... More
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Trading in foreign currency

Trading in foreign currencies has become more popular with local investors in the past few years. Here's how you can get started. Choose a broker with care Each day around the globe, $US4 trillion worth of currencies are traded and, thanks to the internet ... More
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