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spotify moment financial services etfs

The Spotify moment for the financial services industry

Younger investors are flocking to ETFs at a time Michael Blomfield from Investment Trends aptly calls "a Spotify moment for the financial services industry". Millennials represented just 12% of the Aussie ETF market five years ago. That number has skyrocketed ... More
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SuperBooster: Five super stories you need to read

Money magazine's SuperBooster project is underway and Aussies are getting on board to check, consolidate and contribute in order to set themselves up for a more comfortable retirement. But if you still need a little nudge, here are five stories ... More
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ask paul clitheroe advice where should i invest

Ask Paul: I'm 25 with $106k - where should I invest?

Q. I am 25 years old and pondering my next ''big'' investment. I have recently sold some shares for about $94,000. I still have about $12,000 in my portfolio which I am also looking at selling. I have about $10,000 in the bank, which I can use for discretionary ... More
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super superannuation gen y millennial salary sacrifice fund contribution invesmtent fees consolidate

A quick guide to super for the smashed avo generation

We all want to have plenty of money to do the things we like and not have to worry, but sadly more than 50% of Australians spend what they earn or more than what they earn. What is even more alarming is that means the majority are essentially broke ... More
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