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ask paul clitheroe advice where should i invest

Ask Paul: I'm 25 with $106k - where should I invest?

Q. I am 25 years old and pondering my next ''big'' investment. I have recently sold some shares for about $94,000. I still have about $12,000 in my portfolio which I am also looking at selling. I have about $10,000 in the bank, which I can use for discretionary ... More
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super superannuation gen y millennial salary sacrifice fund contribution invesmtent fees consolidate

A quick guide to super for the smashed avo generation

We all want to have plenty of money to do the things we like and not have to worry, but sadly more than 50% of Australians spend what they earn or more than what they earn. What is even more alarming is that means the majority are essentially broke ... More
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acorns grow australia micro-investing etfs app tax

Acorns: easy way to grow your savings or expensive trap?

1. What is it? Raiz Invest (formerly Acorns Grow Australia) is a micro-investing product that lets you invest virtual "chump change" in a diversified portfolio of exchange traded funds (ETFs) listed on the ASX using an app on your mobile phone or the ... More
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10 tips for managing your super in your 20s

Retirement can seem so far away when you're young, but now is the time to whip your super into shape. Here's what you should be doing with your super in your 20s 1. Choose a single fund For any job you've ever had you are likely to have ... More
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dentist inheritance uni ask paul paul clitheroe inherit

Ask Paul: I'm 22 and about to inherit $300,000

Helen: I am 22 and at university studying dentistry, and will graduate in three years. I am confident about getting a secure job with a good income (the average for Aussie graduate dentists is around $90,000 a year, I was told) when I graduate. I am ... More
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