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Two cheap houses or one more valuable property: part two

Don't fear the gear Being in debt does make you susceptible to rising interest rates and therefore greater overheads. However it's a way of extending your reach. A classic truism with property or investing in general is "don't fear the gear". If you ... More
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Buying property? The suburbs blacklisted by banks

Be careful where you buy your next property. Even though you may like the location, your bank may not. Did you know that all the banks have "blacklisted suburbs" - suburbs where they are not keen on lending and where borrowers face tougher hurdles to ... More
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Is the property dream coming to an end?

As a homeowner and property investor I want house prices to soar but for my kids' sake I also want them to fall. Clearly the market can't please everyone and while many of us are concerned about where exactly the property market is going, I think Money's ... More
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how to boost your borrowing power

Four ways to boost your borrowing power

You might've heard that Australian banks have been getting stricter when it comes to lending. The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) recently released further measures to encourage banks to tighten their lending policies. Following ... More
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