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Top five frequent flyer hacks to send your points balance soaring frequent flyer points

Top five hacks to send your frequent flyer points soaring

I've earned millions of points, and spent them over the past few years and I'm not alone. Smart credit card users the world over are learning how to gamify frequent flyer programs in a constructive way. Here in Australia, where younger demographics ... More
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how to earn flybuys points from shopping with ebay

How you can earn Flybuys points by shopping with eBay

eBay has a reputation for satisfying bargain hunters, and now the online marketplace has partnered with Flybuys to deliver extra value. In a case of "big meets bigger", the goliath of online selling, eBay, has teamed with Flybuys, one of Australia's ... More
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credit card rewards

The credit cards that still pay top rewards

While it was previously easy to rack up points on premium reward credit cards, this is no longer the case as card issuers take the knife to rewards programs in direct response to the Reserve Bank's cap on interchange fees , which came into effect on ... More
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