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cheapest way to borrow $1000 for christmas

The cheapest way to borrow money for Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, you might find you're in need of some additional funds to put towards presents or travel plans for the annual family feast. We're lucky that we can access cash when we need it in so many different ways, whether it's ... More
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what lenders are looking for

Five tips for finding the best personal loan for you

The market is full of banks, credit unions, finance companies, payday lenders and others, all offering hundreds of personal loan products. So it's no wonder people get confused and overwhelmed and end up with a product that does not quite fit. This ... More
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credit report credit card mortgage credit score credit rating experian

New credit score rules could help you buy a house

Australians applying for a new credit card, loan or mortgage will now be assessed on how well they have repaid their credit accounts in the past two years, after the federal government moved to fast-track greater data sharing among banks. The new data ... More
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More Aussies are falling behind on car loans

The number of Australians failing to keep up with their car loans will continue to rise, with those living in mining centres most likely to fall behind on their payments. A November report by Moody's Investor Services found the average 30-day or ... More
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best of the best 2017 awards money magazine

Best of the Best 2017

If there was ever an issue that could help you make or save some serious coin, then this is it: the Best of the Best. For the biggest savings it's hard to go past home loans. As Mitchell Watson, from Canstar, says, the average standard variable rate ... More
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