Cheapest way to borrow $1000: credit card vs. payday loan


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Christmas is just around the corner and your budgeting has not gone to plan, so what is the cheapest way to borrow $1000?

There are multiple ways to access $1000 but in all cases be sure to treat the loan as short term finance and be disciplined about repaying it within 12 months at most.

You shouldn't be adding $1000 debt for Christmas as part of your long term borrowings.

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Afterpay is the new layby and is worth considering if you're in position to meet the fortnightly repayments without fail.

Adding an extra $1000 to your credit card is an option. However, make sure you've got the right type of card as higher interest rates rewards cards will cost you $50 in interest more than a low rate card.

Homeowners who are ahead with their mortgage repayments can redraw on their home loan, which will be at a more favourable interest rate than credit cards.

The trap here is taking too long to repay that extra $1000 and stretching over the life of the loan.

Another option is to consider a personal loan.

The advantage is the discipline to make regular repayments and clear the loan fast. The disadvantage is that you will usually be up for an establishment fee, which can add extra $100 or more.

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Belinda Williamson is spokesperson for Canstar.
Amelia Metcalf
December 13, 2017 5.56pm

Good article and shows why Afterpay is doing so well!