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ebay samsung shopping online

Save money by shopping online in June

Get your wallet ready. eBay has just launched Hump Month. More than 68,000 items from 410,000 sellers have been discounted, giving you the chance to maximise your savings at the end of the financial year. On June 1, online shoppers can enjoy eBay's ... More
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GST 10% amazon trademe

The price hike about to hit Australia's Amazon shoppers

In response to the continuous growth of online shopping, the federal government is attempting to level the playing field between Australian and overseas retailers. If approved by parliament, from July 1, 2017, all goods purchased by Australians from ... More
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Save money on back-to-school shopping

The back-to-school shopping list has evolved from just uniforms and exercise books to pricey backpacks and expensive devices, with new research from Officeworks showing two-thirds of parents are stressed about the cost of the new term. With many parents ... More
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clickfrenzy click frenzy online shopping fail

Angry shoppers lash out at Click Frenzy sale fail

Thousands of angry shoppers have slammed the hyped Click Frenzy shopping event after coming away empty-handed. Promotions leading up to the sale promised steeply-discounted electronics, including Fitbits for $1 and PlayStation 4 consoles for $4, at ... More
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credit card traps

Christmas shopping on credit card

Buying Christmas gifts using your credit card is convenient, but you can rack up big interest charges. However, with loads of 0% credit card offers in the market right now, Christmas on credit could actually make sense - provided you choose the right ... More
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