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13 super terms you've never really understood

13 common super terms you've never really understood

If all you know about super is that a chunk of your salary disappears each month leaving nothing but a line on a payslip, it's time for a crash course. Here are the superannuation terms you don't really understand and have been too embarrassed ... More
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14 greenest super funds

The 14 greenest and cleanest superannuation funds

If you want your superannuation to perform well and help the planet, the good news is you can. New research validates that superannuation funds using responsible investing with environmental, social, governance and ethical factors outperform other superannuation ... More
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how to avoid ending up like cinderella in retirement

How to avoid ending up like Cinderella in retirement

For too long, women have been the wallflowers at the superannuation party. Women, on average, retire with around 40% less super than men despite the fact that we live longer and need more. According to Women in Super, 40% of older single retired women ... More
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The super review to nudge your retirement direction

Australians are living longer, but whether our retirement income system is coping is a question the federal government wants answered (and consumers need answered) before June 2020. The government wants an answer because the Productivity Commission ... More
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How to claim your super contributions at tax time

Did you know that most people in Australia under the age of 75 are now able to claim a tax deduction when they make after-tax super contributions? The old condition that less than 10% of your income must have come from salary and wages in order to be ... More
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