Why you could strike gold with a hedged gold ETF


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BetaShares Capital has launched on the ASX a hedged gold bullion exchange-traded fund which aims to protect investors from fluctuations in the Australian and US dollar exchange rate.

"In the last two years to April 2011, the S&P/ASX 200 delivered an 18%pa return while the gold price in USD increased by 33%pa," says Drew Corbett, head of investment strategy and distribution, BetaShares.

"In addition, over the last 10 years, hedged gold returned almost 5%pa more than unhedged gold."

The new gold ETF trades under the ASX code, QAU - BetaShares Gold Bullion ETF ($A Hedged) - and is backed by physical gold. Corbett says it gives investors a simple, low-cost, liquid and efficient way to access the precious metal without the currency risk. Manage it all together

Self-managed superannuation funds can now manage their investment needs in one place with the Bank of Queensland Self Managed Super Option.

It has an online savings account tailored for the cash component of an SMSF term deposit, and a trading portfolio for managing shares online. As well it has an everyday business account, and a business loan for a single commercial or arm's length residential property.

It also has insurance products for residential investment property and contents, insurance for commercial properties, and term life insurance for fund members.

Tax discount on interest

More Australians are now saving and more good news is that from July 1 savers will receive a 50% tax discount on up to $1000 of interest, including that earned on deposits, bonds, debentures and annuities. The measure announced in last year's federal budget is expected to benefit up to 5.7 million depositors.

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