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Australian ETF market could top $100 billion in 2020

2019 was a record year for flows into exchange traded products (ETPs) despite high levels of volatility, and the market could surge over $100 billion in size in 2020 as more and more investors realise the benefits of ETFs including ease of investing ... More
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The Spotify moment for the financial services industry

Younger investors are flocking to ETFs at a time Michael Blomfield from Investment Trends aptly calls "a Spotify moment for the financial services industry". Millennials represented just 12% of the Aussie ETF market five years ago. That number has skyrocketed ... More
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Market wrap: are we heading for an index squeeze?

Right now there is a lot of talk that the market is heading for an index squeeze, which has some investors worried about another global financial crisis (GFC) style event occurring. So what is an index squeeze and is index investing a smart way to invest? ... More
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It's not too late for investors to ride the tech boom

Technology stocks have staged a rebound this year in US markets and elsewhere around the globe. It's not too late for investors to ride the tech boom as growth will inevitably continue, driven by the digital evolution of economies, businesses and ... More
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