Six apps that will help save you money


There are apps for vitually everything these days. But we like apps that help save you money. Here are six.

Out of Milk

Cost: Free

save money

OS: Android, iOs

Shopping without a list is hazardous for your budget because you're more likely to make impulse or unplanned purchases.

Stick to a list, do your shopping and then get out of there!

With Out of Milk, you can add items to your list as they come to mind because your phone is generally within reach.

You can also keep track of what's in your pantry by using the "pantry list" function.

So if you go shopping and can't remember whether or not you have pantry staples such as flour and sugar, you can refer to your list so that you're not doubling up and wasting money.


Cost: Free

OS: Android, iOs

Splitting expenses with your friends, family, roommates or work colleagues can be awkward.

So why not let Splitwise work it out for you? This app does the maths, keeps a running total of who owes what and allows you to track spending trends.

You can set up expenses so that they are divided equally, by exact amounts, percentages, shares, adjustments or as an itemised list.

The app allows anybody who has borrowed money to log in and see their expenses. You can even set up friendly email reminders in case somebody forgets to pay you.

Acorns AU

Cost: Free

OS: Android, iOs, Windows

Save and invest all that loose change into a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds. Acorns Grow Australia is an easy and inexpensive method of encouraging savings.

For instance, if you buy a coffee for $3.40, round it up to $4 and the 60c will go into the investment portfolio.

You can choose from five types of funds, depending on how aggressively or conservatively invested you want to be. It costs $1.25 a month for accounts with a balance under $5000 (no fee for $0) and 0.275% a year for accounts with a balance of $5000-plus.

Tom Tom

Europe $109.99

US $84.99

South-East Asia $109.99

OS: Android, iOs If you're planning a driving holiday overseas, you could save yourself money by downloading the Tom Tom app onto your device rather than paying an additional fee to the car hire company for a navaid (which could be substandard anyway).

Tom Tom apps go on sale from time to time, so if you combine this with an iTunes gift card purchased during a promotion (for example, a $100 card for $80 during an Officeworks or Big W promotion), then you can save even more money.

Update: Tom Tom recently released Tom Tom GO, which is a subscription based service. The app itself is free and allows you to drive up to 75km every month for free. You can upgrade to unlimited navigation for one year ($30.99) or three years ($69.99).

The paid subscription service allows you to install and update maps from around the world at no extra cost. At the time of writing, both options (subscription based and non-subscription apps) were still available.


Cost: Free

OS: Android, iOs, Windows

If you like chasing cheap petrol in your area, then Gasbuddy is your friend. This app was introduced in the US in 2004 and released on the Australian market in March this year. In order to have the most updated prices, the app relies on drivers entering the good deals when they spot them.

You can search by fuel type (E10, premium 95, diesel, etc.) and location (map, postcode or based on your current location).

During the launch period, you could also win a $100 fuel card daily. Oh, and an important tip: never use Gasbuddy when driving!


Cost: Free

OS: Android, iOs, Windows

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app (like Facebook Messenger) that allows you to message and call your family and friends over the internet (2G, 3G, 4G, EDGE and wi-fi).

Data charges may apply but it can still save you money because you don't have to use your SMS or phone call credits. The app allows you to group-chat and send and receive photos, videos and voice messages.

If you are offline, WhatsApp will save the message until you're back online again. Facebook acquired WhatsApp more than two years ago and it is used by 1 billion people.


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