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The April issue of Money is on sale now. From the early retirement moving setting Australians on FIRE to a co-ownership and the housing affordability crisis, here's what you can expect.

How to retire in 10 years: the Aussies embracing the early retirement movement

While most Australians soldier on working, earning - and spending - well into their 60s, a growing number are instead saving and investing 60% to 80% of their income to retire as early as 30. We meet Mr Money Mustache himself, Pete Adeney, the man behind the early retirement movement, and seven Aussies who are following in his frugal footsteps.

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The truth about warranties

Don't by shy about asking for a repair or replacement just because a product is out of warranty. Warranties offered by retailers are not the only protection for consumers - products are also covered under consumer law. We share the magic words that should get your issue resolved.

Is co-ownership the answer to the housing affordability crisis?

A new online platform, Kohab, promises to make it easier to buy property with your loved ones. But the biggest barrier to co-ownership has always been worse-case scenarios: death, divorce, debt, and even technology can't always negotiate these hurdles.

The $300k dilemma: is downsizing always the answer?

Downsizing and putting the extra funds into super may not leave you better off. The government's new downsizer incentive kicks in on July 1, but the extra money will be counted in the assets test meaning retirees could be worse off.

Time is running out for the $20k small business tax write-off

A generous tax break that allows small business owners to buy computer equipment, office furniture, and even a new car for the business, and receive an immediate tax deduction, will end in July. We explain how to make the most of the tax break before time runs out.

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