Best of the Best 2017: Cheapest Credit Cards


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The good news is that interest rates and annual fees haven't increased for our Cheapest Credit Cards.

The three winners this year - Teachers Mutual Bank, UniBank and Community First Credit Union - were runners-up last year. Interestingly the rates and annual fee charged by all three cards remains unchanged from last year.

cheapest credit cards

Both the Teachers Mutual Bank and UniBank cards offer an introductory rate of 7.90% a year for the first six months for new customers. After that it reverts to the standard rate of 11.50%pa.

Community First Credit Union has been a regular in this category over the years. A great feature of its cards is that the low rate of 8.99%pa also applies to cash advances and balance transfers.

Customers can choose between the low-rate Black Visa and the McGrath Pink Visa.

The difference is that with the Pink Visa half the annual fee is donated to the McGrath Foundation, a breast cancer support group.

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