The industries that are still hiring during the coronavirus


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Supermarkets, telcos and cyber security firms are among companies that are hiring despite massive layoffs in industries affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Almost 750,000 full time roles were lost over the last month as Government restrictions affected the entertainment, arts, hospitality and retail industries, with about 300,000 having lodged an intent to claim JobSeeker payments.

While some jobs have disappeared for now, there has been a dramatic increase in vacant roles in other industries.

coronavirus companies that are hiring during coronavirus

Seek ANZ managing director Kendra Banks says that as many employees work from home there is an increased demand for cyber security specialists and technology and product specialists to support these transitions.

"We are also seeing the impact of large organisations like banks, insurance, telecommunications and airlines bringing their call centre and shared services back to Australian shores," Banks says.

AFL events co-ordinator Elissa Cohen was stood down from her role until the end of May. While her employer has applied for JobKeeper, they are uncertain of the outcome.

After registering for JobSeeker, for which she was eligible, she applied for a range of jobs including with Telstra, Optus, and in a government call centre.

Meanwhile, a Jobseekers Facebook group she was part of advertised an administration role with a local energy organization. Elissa was unsuccessful, but was offered a role as a retail sales coordinator which started the next day.

One of Australia's largest family businesses, Perfection Fresh Group, which supplies fresh fruit and vegetables across Australia, has prioritised retaining staff and recruiting their relatives and friends when hiring for new roles.

"Our priority is providing ongoing work to our employees, but where we need to fill casual or other short term temporary roles, we've invited our employees to refer family and friends," says Perfection Fresh Group chief people officer Tracy Swinley.

"In this way, we've been able to bring on board five people through this family and friends network who have been stood down or lost their job as a result of COVID-19, and would otherwise be unemployed and potentially unable to support themselves or their families.

"We appreciate this is a tough time for many Australians, and want to help where we can."

Health NSW has reached out to employees in at least one district for referrals in its bid to hire casuals and short-term temporary staff as security officers, loading dock store people, wardpeople, cleaners and in administrative roles.

According to Seek's latest employment snapshot, this is where the jobs are:

  • Essential retail services  including shelf stackers, delivery drivers, supply chain managers and warehousing supervisors.
  • Manufacturing in essential household staples .
  • Mining and resources roles including diesel fitters, auto electricians, truck drivers and machine operators.
  • Virtual working including software developers and cyber security experts are in demand.
  • Family support including nannies and tutors to help essential workers with home help.
  • Healthcare roles including nursing in aged care, general medical and surgical, pharmacy, physiotherapy, OT and rehabilitation, psychology, counselling and social work.
  • Customer support including call centre operators and managers and support staff.

The Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment website lists employers who are currently hiring for multiple roles.

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