Top 50 sharebuys and property hotspots: February issue out now


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The February issue of Money is on sale now. From share and property picks for 2019 to how to save money on fuel, here's what you can expect

Top 50 share buys and property hotspots for 2019

With property prices falling in Sydney and Melbourne and a sharemarket that has dropped sharply, this will be a tough year for investors. We reveal the top 50 locations to invest in property and 50 of the best shares for the year ahead.

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Why your health insurance needs a check-up

Big changes are coming to private health insurance from April 1, with another premium hike on the way and significant policy changes. We outline the changes and just why you need to watch your policy closely.

Beating the bowser blues

Motorists can save hundreds of dollars a year by shopping around and following the fuel price cycle. Find out the best strategies and tools to pay less at the pump, from fuel-saving apps to how to be more efficient behind the wheel.

How to eat out on a budget

It is possible to enjoy a big night out without blowing the budget, and it's not just about where to eat out but when. We share eight tips - from group buying discounts to loyalty perks - to spend less while dining out.

Renters' rights

Tenancy laws tend to favour landlords, so if you're a renter it pays to keep up with the changes. Money reveals five key things tenants want to know, including whether they can be evicted for no reason, rent hikes during tenancy, and renting with a pet.

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