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eBay has a reputation for satisfying bargain hunters, and now the online marketplace has partnered with Flybuys to deliver extra value.

In a case of "big meets bigger", the goliath of online selling, eBay, has teamed with Flybuys, one of Australia's largest loyalty programs with over 7.6 million active members (that's a whopping 65% of households).

Chances are you're familiar with Flybuys. It's owned and run by Wesfarmers, the company behind Coles supermarkets. Points can be earned through a variety of program partners including Liquorland, AGL and Etihad Airways as well as other Wesfarmers brands, notably Target, Kmart and Officeworks.

how to earn flybuys points from shopping with ebay

Rewards can be redeemed as savings on Coles purchases or traded for a range of merchandise as well as entry to attractions and flights. Alternatively, Flybuys points can be converted to Velocity frequent flyer program points.

In its new partnership with eBay, Flybuys is giving program members the opportunity to earn (and redeem) reward points on purchases made on

How the new partnership works

To take advantage of the rewards, you'll need to be a Flybuys member (it costs nothing to join). Then simply link your account to your flybuys account. From here, one point accrues for every $2 spent on eligible purchases (more on this shortly), with bonus offers available from time to time to accelerate points.

Flybuys points can also be redeemed to save on ebay purchases, with $10 vouchers available for every 2000 points collected.

The pluses

According to Julie Nestor, chief marketing officer at, the partnership is unique in the online retail space, and it recognises consumers' changing shopping habits.

The deal is a plus for the thousands of small businesses that sell on - they can benefit from the program for free.

Nestor says reward programs are something the small business community wants to engage in but doesn't have access to. And this, she believes, "is where the power of the eBay platform comes in".

There are real perks for shoppers too. Along with small traders, covers 80 of Australia's top 100 largest retailers, from the Good Guys to Peter's of Kensington. As Nestor points out, the partnership "will give shoppers the chance to collect points at some of their favourite stores".

As an early sweetener, eBay will offer Flybuys members the chance to earn 10 times the normal rate of points on their first transaction until May 13.

The downsides

Points can only be earned and redeemed via the Australian site, and not all products are eligible. Among the excluded items are tobacco, baby formula and gift cards.

Not surprisingly, Flybuys points don't apply to eBay purchases from Coles's arch rivals, Woolworths and Big W.

The must-knows

Membership to Flybuys may be free but don't let a loyalty program shape your spending. A US study found 66% of shoppers modify their spending to maximise reward points. The prices may be good on eBay but it still pays to shop around for the best possible deal.

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May 10, 2018 10.12am

I already earn Qantas points with eBay but this sounds easier.