Friends With Money #4: How 5G will change the way we work, play and invest

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With the advent of 5G as the next generation of broadband technology, the way we work, play and even invest is set to be fundamentally revolutionised.

At a basic level, this kind of generational change in technology means greater bandwidth and a vast increase in data speed to go with it.

The benefits for domestic use are clear, particularly as COVID-19 changes how the world communicates.

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But there are also much broader implications for both government and commercial settings with enormous potential to boost the economy.

In this episode of Friends With Money, David Thornton is joined by Kanish Chugh, head of distribution at ETF Securities, to discuss the impact of the 5G megatrend, and explore how investors can gain exposure to benefit from its role in the business ecosystem.

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David Thornton was a journalist at Money from September 2019 to November 2021. He previously worked at Your Money, covering market news as producer of Trading Day Live. Before that, he covered business and finance news at The Constant Investor. David holds a Masters of International Relations from the University of Melbourne.

Kanish Chugh is the head of distribution for Global X ETFs. He has previous experience with Fidelity International and BlackRock, and has contributed to the Australian Financial Review. Kanish holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Sydney.