How to make sure your pets are provided for in your will


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Family and friends cannot always be trusted to ensure your pets are looked after when you die. Too many cats and dogs are left homeless when their owners die.

In your will you can include a clause that gifts the pets that survive you to your family or friends.

Consider also bequeathing an annual cash gift to the person who you're leaving them to. This means a lack of funding won't prevent that person from taking on the responsibility of caring for your beloved pets.

how to include your pets in your will

Extend the clause to provide that if your chosen family or friends still cannot take your animals, then allow the executor of your will and estate to give them to another person or organisation (such as an animal charity) together with the cash gift, so that your pet is provided for.

Additionally, you should type up a letter of wishes to the new owner of your pets detailing vital information such as vet contact details, preferred pet sitters etc, as well as their preferences when it comes to parks to play in and other routines.

Keep this document on your computer and update it as your wishes for your pets change.

Print it out and sign and date it regularly, and store the original in a safe place with other important documents.

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Danielle Radomyski is head of estate planning at Omniwealth Law.

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