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how to pet proof your rental property

Five easy steps to pet-proofing your rental property

Pets are treasured members of thousands of Australian families but for many landlords they can be unwelcome guests. Pet-proofing your rental property can have many benefits, including opening your property to a much broader scope of prospective tenants ... More
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renting with a pet

Renting with a pet: why your dog now needs a resume

Happily, not all landlords will ban your furry or feathered friend Aussies love their pets, with almost two-thirds of households having at least one. What happens if you're renting, though - will you be able to secure a property if you have a cat or ... More
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own nothing by 2030 camplify madpaws uber airbnb

Why you'll own nothing by 2030, not even your pets

Imagine a world where you didn't own "stuff", but instead chose to rent or share everything with your community. That includes your car, kitchen utensils, caravan, space and even your pets. Welcome to the future, with experts predicting that by 2030 ... More
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pets animals tenants rental properties

'We need more pet-friendly landlords' in Australia

Pets are feeling the pressure of Queensland's tough rental market. More than 600 pets were surrendered to Animal Welfare League Queensland last year because the owners were unable to find a pet-friendly rental home. With the number of forfeited ... More
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pet insurance pets dogs cats

Is pet insurance worth it?

New pet owners who found a furry friend under the Christmas tree will soon feel the full impact on their budget. "For many new pet owners this will be the first trip to the veterinarian for their puppy or kittens final round of vaccinations and progress ... More
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renting with a pet rent with a pet

How to get your landlord's permission to rent with a pet

Australia's housing affordability crisis is causing young renters to delay many of life's milestones: marriage, children, and even pet ownership. "In the current renting market it can be almost impossible to find the perfect place where our beloved ... More
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