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The May issue of Money is on sale now. From tips for dealing with a dud rental property to how to get your adult kids to move out , here's what you can expect.

What to do with a dud rental property

Not every investment property is a golden goose, so how do you know if you've bought a dud? And if your property has failed to return the growth you anticipated, are you better off selling (forking out for capital gains tax and stamp duty), or waiting it out? Two experts share the calculations they use to work out if it's time to sell.

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How to help your ageing parents financially

We often hear about older parents helping out their adult children, but what if your parents can't afford to retire or are asset-rich but cash-poor? We share four tips to help you navigate what can be a difficult situation without compromising your own financial future.

Buying vs. hiring

Is it cheaper to buy or hire? We compare renting versus buying on three items - the dress, the fridge and the movie - to see how the numbers stack up.

11 steps adult kids need to take to gain financial independence and move out

Adult children are living at home into their 30s, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be preparing for life on their own. Here are 11 things they should be doing - from paying rent to backpacking in a third-world country - to prepare them for real life.

The best way to insure your rental car

Your dream holiday can turn into a nightmare if you don't have adequate cover for your rental vehicle, but how do you know how much insurance you need and how to get the best value for money? We compare standalone excess cover, travel cover, and credit card travel insurance.

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