Pay off your mortgage or invest?: May issue of Money on sale now


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The May issue of Money is on sale now. From the Netflix of car ownership to how to get a mortgage as a casual worker, here's what you can expect.

Pay off your mortgage or invest?

It's an age-old question - to pay off your mortgage, or build wealth alongside the loan? New research shows Aussie households have some wiggle room in their monthly budget to top up their super, invest in the sharemarket or work towards buying another property, so which is best? Our experts unpack the options.

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The Netflix of car ownership

Need a smaller passenger car for your daily commute, a large SUV for a trip to the snow, and a convertible for summer weekends? New Netflix-style subscription services allow you to have a car without the hassle of owning it, with the flexibility to change models to suit your lifestyle. But do car subscriptions make financial sense?

What's new in peer-to-peer lending

Peer-to-peer lending is booming in Australia, with RateSetter reaching half a billion dollars in lending this month. We round up the new features on offer from Australia's peer-to-peer lending platforms, including clean energy loans, better access for early withdrawals, and a raft of new online tools.

How to get a mortgage as a casual worker

More than a million Aussies are trading in the 9-5 grind for the freedom of freelance work. Casual work has its perks, but the downside comes when it's time to apply for a home loan. We reveal the three key rules for borrowing when you don't have a traditional work pattern.

Five traps in buying a new property

House-and-land packages can lure you in with the temptation of a brand new home unoccupied by anyone else and the freedom to customise it to your taste. But there are five reasons it may not pay off in the long-term, from low capital growth to poor build quality. Find out the pitfalls to avoid before you purchase a new property.

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