Seven podcasts to change how you think about money in the new year


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2021 is here and many of us have made new year's resolutions to improve our money skills

Whether you want to dig your way out of debt, learn to invest, develop a better understanding of the economy, or start planning what happens when you die, there's a money podcast to help you along the way.

1. Fear and Greed

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A daily business podcast started by journalist Sean Aylmer, it's 20 minutes of all the main business news of the day. There's a weekend extended edition which boasts guests from various backgrounds including Alexander Hassall, CEO of your Financial Wellness; Megan Motto, CEO of the Governance Institute of Australia; and Don Meij, Domino's CEO.

2. She's on the Money

Hosted by financial adviser Victoria Devine, this is currently Australia's number one money podcast. Put together by a team of financial advisers and accountants, it covers topics such as personal insurance, the rookie's guide to investing, buying a home, the psychology of savings - all presented in an easy-to-understand way.

3. Serina Bird - The Joyful Frugalista podcast

Frugalista (someone who always looks fashionable even on a budget) Serina Bird's podcast mirrors her own life experiences of living well while saving, investing and ultimately becoming more prosperous. Bird is a single mum turned millionaire and on her podcast she chats to others about their success and tips to achieve prosperity.

4. My Millennial Money

Financial adviser turned full-time podcaster Glen James and John Pidgeon discuss millennial money matters in a light-hearted way, hosting a variety of guests to give balance between practical money tips and fun. There are now more than 330 episodes focusing on shares, super, budgeting, property, mindset, small business and making money.

5. Bushy Martin - Get Invested - The Podcast

Dedicated to time-poor professionals who want to work less and live more, property specialist Bushy Martin's podcasts cover long-form discussions with experts from all walks of life on how they invest their time, skills and money, and how it has worked for them. Property investment as a pathway to passive income features strongly.

6. The Rate Debate

Hosted by Nikko Asset Management fixed income experts Darren Langer and Chris Rands, this podcast is hosted on the first Tuesday of every month and after the RBA makes its latest decision on the official cash rate. Darren, a 32-year investment veteran, talks with Chris, a 32-year-old investment millennial, about what macroeconomic matters are influencing markets.

7. What happens when I die?

Produced by Australian Unity and hosted by Anna Hacker, principal of Australian Unity Trustees Legal Services, this podcast answers questions such as what happens to my super when I die? Or what happens if someone challenges my will? It also explores what will happen to your kids and even to your body once you die.

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