How to pay rent with a credit card


Easyshare money is an online platform that aims to make it easier for tenants to pay rent with a credit card.

It works like a transfer service - you direct your rent to it via credit card, and it forwards the amount to your landlord.

For share houses, the platform allows you to consolidate all payments and manage the sharing of bills.

pay rent with a credit card

(This currently only applies to residential rent, not commercial rent for business premises.)

Easyshare has teamed with a few internet and electricity providers to offer discounted rates, and the overall function of the site makes it much easier to organise the responsibilities of a share house.

If your housemate fails to pay their share, Easyshare will re-run payments up to seven times. When a payment fails, the company notifies the user and gives them the option to switch accounts or cards. Easyshare also notifies housemates if their group payment, whether it be rent or bills, has been short-paid and is overdue.

You can score frequent flyer and rewards points by paying with a credit card, but all Visa and MasterCard payments incur a 1.5% surcharge.

There's a three-month free trial but then a membership charge for share house accounts of $4.95 a month..


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