How you can point-hack your way to an island holiday


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There are numerous opportunities for Australian frequent flyers to earn points daily and convert them into amazing travel experiences every year.

If you belong to an airline rewards program and leverage your existing household spending to boost your point earnings, it's entirely possible.

We've found that Fiji, Thailand and Bali are some of the best destinations for awards flights, as points requirements are relatively low, and flights are generally available.

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For a family of four, return award economy flights from Sydney or Melbourne to these island destinations will set you back from around 145,000 to 225,000 points, depending on the points program and destination.

Six hacks to earn the family free return flights to Fiji, Thailand or Bali by March 2019

1. Get the family points pooling and using supplementary cards

Consider supplementary rewards credit cards for your partner and family pooling, where family members who live with you could transfer their points to you.

Qantas and Virgin's Velocity will allow family members to transfer you 5000-600,000 and 5000-500,000 points respectively each year.

2. Switch to a rewards credit card with a 75,000 bonus points offer

The NAB Qantas Rewards Signature Card offers 90,000 bonus Qantas Points for new cardholders. To be eligible for the points bonus, NAB cardholders must spend $4000 on the card within 60 days.

The Virgin Australia Velocity High Flyer Card currently offers up to 120,000 bonus Velocity Points on sign up.

3. Find higher-earning credit cards

The highest point-earning card tends to be Amex. You can transfer up to 1.5 Velocity Points or KrisFlyer Miles for every $1 spent on the Amex Explorer Credit Card.

The Amex Qantas Premium card earns you 1.25 Qantas Points per $1 spent. Given that Amex is not always widely accepted, you may also need a Visa or Mastercard - a good earning is 1 point for every $1 spent.

4. Choose an everyday transaction account that earns points

The BankWest Qantas Transaction Account will earn you 12 Qantas Points for every $100 in savings kept in your account, and five points each time you use the debit card.

If you have $5000 deposited into your account each month, and use your card every day, you could earn around 4500 points in six months.

5. Join a shopping rewards program

A rewards program such as flybuys earns you points at retailers such as Coles, Target, Kmart and Liquorland for your everyday shopping.

Each $1 spent with flybuys at Coles earns you 1 point, and you can convert 2000 points to 870 Velocity Points.

6. Shop through partner retailers

Earn Qantas points with its partner retailers such as Woolworths, BWS and Big W.

For instance, every $2000 spent at Woolworths will earn you 870 Qantas points. Velocity's partners include BP petrol stations, where you can earn 2 points per 1 litre of fuel and $1 spent in-store.

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Daniel Sciberras is a frequent flyer expert and spokesperson at Point Hacks.
October 13, 2018 4.00pm

Hi - I was just curious about point 2 above (switch to reward credit cards). If I was to repeat this step over and over (i.e. take out a reward credit card, meet the minimum spend requirements, take the points and repeat), how would this affect my credit rating? (i.e. how are credit ratings calculated?)

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