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glossary diversification

13 investing and risk terms you need to understand

1. Risk profile or risk tolerance Your risk profile, which financial advisers often talk about, or your risk tolerance is your ability to withstand losses in your portfolio. Some people compare it to your ability to sleep at night - if your portfolio ... More
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what to look for in an investment property

What to look for when buying an investment property

So, you're in the market for an investment property. Time to start browsing real estate sites and searching your area for the best looking, highest renting, cheapest property that you would happily live in. Easy as that, right? Wrong! Buying an investment ... More
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bendigo poperty

Where to buy: Top 50 property hotspots for 2020

The most successful property investors in 2020 will be those who think small. For the past six years, including 2019, it's all been about big: the two big cities, their boom, their downturn and their recovery. Mercifully, 2020 will see the focus ... More
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